General Industrial Lifting Equipment

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Probably one of the largest on-line ranges of general and specialist lifting equipment including; beam trolleys, all types of clamps, lifting magnets, pulley sheaves and lifting equipment identification systems / labels. We offer probably one of the largest and most comprehensive ranges of clamps seen anywhere on the internet with lifting clamps to suit most applications and budgets. Please contact our sales team if you need any assistance in identification of the most appropriate item of lifting gear to suit your application.

General Industrial Lifting Equipment

Synthetic Lifting Slings, Flat Web and Round / Endless

LiftingSafety Offers online in our synthetic (Man-made fibre) sling category lifting slings designed to be light weight and help prevent (minimize) damage to the items being lifted.  A synthetic webbing sling is also often referred to by a variety of names such as lifting strap/strop, belt sling, polyester lifting sling,   flat web/web lifting sling, belt webbing,  woven sling,  simplex or duplex sling, round webbing and sling   endless slings.  They are also sometimes wrongly referred to as nylon lifting straps/strops. Soft slings like this are either made as duplex or simplex flat web or endless round slings, both are made from the same core materials, which is typically polyester or Dyneema. Polyester and Dyneema are both synthetic (man-made) materials; polyester units are light weight and very competitively priced; Dyneema are extremely lightweight and compact offering a greater working load limit than polyester. This feature makes the Dyneema a little more expensive than a standard polyester sling, although Dyneema lifting slings start to re-pay their original extra purchase cost as soon as they are put to work lifting heavy loads increasing productivity and the time savings for heavy loads can be massive because they are so compact, lightweight and easy to handle.

Lifting Shackles - 'D' Shackles & Bow / Omega Shackles

LiftingSafety’s lifting shackle category offers a very comprehensive online rage. Lifting Shackles are connection link, used to make a connection between the load lifting device (hoist hook / sling) and the load to be lifted. There are two main shapes / styles of lifting shackle and they are “D” Shackles (or Dee Shackle) and bow shackles otherwise known as Omega shackles. The shackles we offer are galvanized, self colour (forged black steel) and made from stainless steel. As a general rule the galvanised steel lifting shackles tend to be US Federation specification alloy steel lifting shackles and the Black Forged steel lifting shackles tend to be High Tensile to BS3032. (This is usually the case though not always as both types can be self colour or galvanised). Dimensionally the US Fed spec anchor shackles are physically far small than the black self colour high tensile shackles while still maintaining the same safe working load. The load pin on a lifting shackle is fastened to the shackle body in different ways; there is screw pin where the pin screws into the body of the shackle like a bolt and safety pin shackles where the pin passes through the body of the shackle then is captivated by either a split pin or nut c/w split pin. We also offer a great range of stainless steel lifting shackles, ROV shackles, hydraulic remote release shackles and wide body shackles. 

Lifting Eyebolts & Eye Nuts, Lifting and Lashing Points

Eye Bolts and Eye Nuts are also commonly known in the lifting industry as lifting eyes and are available in a wide range of metric and imperial sizes, as well as high tensile steel or stainless steel options. They vary in shape and size and include DIN standard eye bolts, Collar BS4278 Standard Eyebolts, Long Shank, Dynamo type and Eyebolts with built-in Oval Links. Lifting Eye Capacities (WLL - Working Load Limit) are available online from 95kg all the way up to 200 tonnes from standard equipment and greater capacities as special bespoke manufactured. A swivel lifting/lashing point is also commonly referred to as a hoisting eye or load ring as well as a lifting point. lifting and lashing products available to buy online here are high quality lifting/hoisting points manufactured quality manufacturers. Our weld-on lifting and lashing points rotate through 360 degrees and pivot through 180 degrees. Standard capacities are up to 50 tonne with greater capacities available on request. All eyebolts must be installed and tested as per the manufacturer’s instructions.

Chain Slings Assemblies & Components

In this category LiftingSafety offer complete built-up assembled chain slings and chain sling components including sling hooks, master rings, shackle connectors, swivels etc... A "Chain Sling" can have many other names that they are also referred to in the lifting industry and by users alike, for example they are also known as a lifting chain, chain slings, chain lifter and sometimes as Brothers. Many options are available to allow you to configure a chain sling to your exact specifications and to ensure you get the correct sling for your lifting application(s). Also available are specials such as pump lifting chains. Online you can build your own chain sling from a good selection of components (chain, end fittings/hooks/shorteners) which means you can build your own chain slings with the least amount of hassle and get all the specifications you require all in one place. These are the most popular components and they represent only a small percentage of the total range of fixtures and fittings which are available! Please contact our sales team if you require any further assistance.

Wire Rope Lifting Slings, Assemblies & Fittings

Wire rope slings from LiftingSafety are made to our customer’s specifications with an online choice of terminations, end fittings that include soft eyes, thimble eyes or with a big choice of hooks.  As with our chain slings the wire rope slings offered online in this category of our catalogue can be supplied as one, two, three or four leg design and can be made from galvanised steel wire rope or stainless steel wire rope and in any length or capacity, safe working load. All our wire rope slings are made to order, bespoke products so if you cannot configure the exact product specification needed then please contact our sales team who will email you a competitive quote. End fittings/ terminations offered online are listed here: Fused and tapered. Ferrule secured thimble hard eye and  Ferrule secured soft eye. Flemish eye according to Din 13414-1 and Captivated shackle (permanent). Master Ring and Safety hook options. Self-locking hook, Foundry hook, Swivel safety hook and Swivel Self-locking hook

Lifting Chain - All Types

Online we offer many different type of lifting chain, anchor, stainless steel and security chains as follows:

  • Grade 30 Calibrated Short Link Chain, manufactured to DIN766 and ISO4565.
  • Self Colour or Galvanized finish to ISO1461.
  • Grade 30 Mid Link Chain. Self Colour or Galvanized finish to ISO1461. Nominally manufactured to DIN764. 
  • Grade 30 Long Link Chain. Self Colour or Galvanized finish to ISO1461. Nominally manufactured to DIN763.
  • Gr.3+ High Test Chain made from High Grade Low Carbon Steel, meets loading requirements of Gr.40 Chain. Self Colour or Galvanized to ISO 1461 finish.
  • Grade M (40) Calibrated Short Link Chain, manufactured to EN818-3. Self Colour finish.
  • Grade 7 / 70 high tensile transport chains
  • Grade 8 / 8+ / 80 / T Short Link, Mid Link and Long Link Chain and Components
  • Grade 10 / 100 Lifting chain (higher capacity to link size ratio / weight when compared to grade 8 / 80 chain)
  • Grade 40 galvanised / 50 stainless / 50 316L stainless pump chains, generally with larger links every metre.
Lifting Clamps (Lifting & Pulling Applications)

LiftingSafety offer online a massive selection of lifting clamps to cover all user applications. We have clamps that are only for top quality reputable manufacturers the likes of Camlok, Yale, Tractel, Riley Superclamp Crosby and IP Clamps suitable for lifting and handling many material types, steel clamps, concrete clamps, plaster board lifting, glass and other fragile materials.  Clamps in this category are designed for lifting application, for pulling equipment, tensioning loads and for holding items in place. Basic design styles include cam locking, screw lock clamps, scissor action lifting and suspension clamps. The main application for clamps purchased from LiftingSafety is to handle steel plates and all types of steel profile and therefore he main lifting clamp categories include, vertical & horizontal plate clamps and beam clamps (lifting and suspension) though there are many other categories including offered in the online catalogue and these include: pulling clamps, non-marking clamps, drum handling clamps, groundworks/construction clamps, coil handling, rail and drop test clamps. We have arranged all the clamps by user application then sub divided by manufacturer to ensure that the end user navigates as easily as possible to the best clap to suit their application. Lifting safety also service & repair clamps and offer user training to help ensure the operator is competent before use. All of our clamps listed are quality manufactured units and come complete with the required certification and technical backup, the majority of which and available to buy online at a special online sale price or sent for a quotation. Contact our sales or technical team if you need any help.  

Runway Beam Monorail Crane Trolleys, Push, Geared & Electric

This category is populated with beam trolleys, these are load suspension trolleys designed to have a load or lifting equipment suspended underneath then traverse along a runway lifting beam (otherwise known as a monorail lifting beam made from a rolled steel joist (RSJ) or universal beam (UB) or Universal Column (UC). We offer in our online catalogue shop four sections, different types of Monorail runway trolley. Beam trolleys are a mobile anchorage point that can be fitted onto a lifting beam to suspend lifting equipment beneath, such as a chain hoist. This allows the load to travel along the direction of the lifting beam. A Beam trolley can also be referred to as a load trolleys, a beam runner, 'I' beam crane trolleys, a beam flange roller or girder monkeys. This section is for manual push travel beam trolleys and geared travel runway beam trolleys (Chain drive). Gear travel units are moved along the beam by operating a hand chain and give a greater level of control especially on larger capacities. Most trolleys are adjustable and some are quick release. We offer heavy-duty and low-head room trolleys, also swivel truck trolleys to negotiate tight radius bends on runway tracks where required.

Lifting Magnets, Permanent, Battery Electric and Manual

We offer lifting magnets online as manually operated and electric powered from reliable lifting equipment and magnet equipment manufacturers like Bux, Magnetics, Eclipse magnetic, Yale, Tractel. Hand operated lever action lifting magnets are by far the most popular category within the Lifting Magnets section of our online web shop. These are permanent lifting magnets which means that they are used to lift material they are permanently switched on and cannot be de-magnetized with-out operating the magnet lever. All permanent lifting magnets have a 3:1 factor of safety (FOS) when used in accordance with the manufacturers operation and user guide. It is air gaps between the surface of the magnet that reduces the efficiency / lifting capability of a lifting magnet. Air gaps are caused by rust, paint, dirt, oil or other contamination, rough surfaces etc..... and must be taken into account before use. Eclipse uses a safety ship to assist the user to confirming that every lift still maintains the 3:1 safety factor. It works by simulating an air gap when a safety shim is used. Put the safety shim between the magnet and the equipment that need lifting then take the weight with the lifting hoist, if the load is held then when the shim is removed you will have a 3:1 safety factor.

Lifting Equipment Identification Labels & tags

Lifting equipment and height safety equipment in the UK and other parts of the globe are subject to mandatory periodic thorough examinations to ensure that lifting equipment is still in good order and therefore still safe to be used. For lifting gear the inspection period is six (6) or twelve (12) monthly dependant on the type of equipment. Thre are bi-annual inspections for lifting equipment accessories and annual inspections for lifting machines. The colour code tags that we offer enable a visual indication to the user that the equipment is still within an acceptable service period and so should be safe to use though still subject to user inspections prior to and after use. The lifting equipment identification tags are also equally great for visual identification that height safety equipment or fall arrest equipment is still with-in its mandatory inspection period. Fall arrest equipment is subject to 12 month examinations and man-riding equipment every 6 months (man-riding includes equipment and PPE that is load bearing such as suspended rope access equipment). Please note that these tags are an indication only in a scheme designed to work towards ensuring that all lifting and height safety fall arrest equipment is safety to use. Lifting / fall arrest identification tags / labels are part of the system, not the whole system. Thorough examination lifting equipment Inspection periods quoted are the maximum permissible in the UK though must be reduced according to user factors including the working environment, chemical and UV light exposure, amount of use, cleanliness, number of users user inspections etc.... Always for the lifting or fall arrest equipment manufacturers instructions on safe operation, maintenance and thorough examination

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