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In this category LiftingSafety offer complete built-up assembled chain slings and chain sling components including sling hooks, master rings, shackle connectors, swivels etc... A "Chain Sling" can have many other names that they are also referred to in the lifting industry and by users alike, for example they are also known as a lifting chain, chain slings, chain lifter and sometimes as Brothers. Many options are available to allow you to configure a chain sling to your exact specifications and to ensure you get the correct sling for your lifting application(s). Also available are specials such as pump lifting chains. Online you can build your own chain sling from a good selection of components (chain, end fittings/hooks/shorteners) which means you can build your own chain slings with the least amount of hassle and get all the specifications you require all in one place. These are the most popular components and they represent only a small percentage of the total range of fixtures and fittings which are available! Please contact our sales team if you require any further assistance.

Chain lifting slings can be supplied in grade 5 (50), grade 8 (80) or grade 10 (100) lifting chain. Various end fittings are available on both alloy steel and stainless steel chains, such as shortening clutches, grab hooks, eye hooks, c-hooks, self locking hooks, d-shackles etc.

Aswell as our chain and components we can also supply fibre slings in various material types the most common of which can be bought online here at lifting safety. Further to this we can also supply wire rope slings to your specifications, which have only recently been added to our online catalogue.

Further Information on Chain Slings

Just follow a few easy steps in selecting your chain sling: Choose either standard or stainless option, then click on the BUY/QUOTE tab' and complete the multi choice form; input the lifting capacity (Safe Working Load) that your chain slings need, select how many legs the chain sling requires, and tell us if you need end fittings and/or shortening clutches, and see the price instantly! You can also choose an end fitting suitable for your lifting application, as standard we offer Sling Hooks, Safety Hooks, C Hooks, Foundry Hooks and Clevis Shackles (some configurations may vary dependant on SWL and if stainless or standard). Other configurations are available.

Lifting Chain Slings

Standard lifting chain lifting slings are made from Grade 8 (or Grade 80) chains, however if you would like a quotation for a chain sling with Grade 10 (or Grade 100) chains please contact our sales team and we will gladly provide a quotation for a grade 10/100 chain sling to meet your lifting / slinging needs. (Grade 100 slings offer a greater safe working load (SWL) for the same size and weight of sling. We offer an excellent choice of pump lifting chains as often used by water authorities for maintenance and repair of submersible pumps.

Our 'chain sling calculator' is based on Hacketts chain slings, we offer other manufacturers slings, including Kuplex, Crosby, Pewag and RUD..

Stainless Steel Chain Slings

Our Stainless steel chain slings are made to order though generally can be made in only a few days from order. Our Grade 5 (50) Stainless lifting assemblies are mainly used in clean environments such as the food industry and are also popular with marine industries due to the corrosion resistant nature; we now have a dedicated category for corrosion resistant stainless steel pump lifting chain sling assemblies for use in the water works industries and sewerage works. Stainless slings for lifting are usually requested for a special application or in a non-standard environment.

All of our lifting chain slings can be supplied 1 leg (single leg), 2 legs, 3 leg or 4 leg and all are CE and are issued with a certificate of thorough examination.

Please contact us if you need any help or re assurance in deciding on the correct lifting chain sling to suit your application.

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