Inertia Reel With Retrieval Rescue Winch to EN360 and EN1496

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Great range of fall arrest rescue blocks for emergency casualty retrieval, from top suppliers including Miller, Protecta and Sala.

These are fall arrest inertia reels manufactured to EN360 / EN1496 are fitted with an integrated rescue handle to enable rescue of the casualty after the fall has been arrested. Retrieval blocks are often fitted to confined space tripod systems though are also often used as a standalone fall arrest and rescue system. Having the winch built into the inertia reel means that the user has a rescue plan already in place and therefore complies with the working at height directive. Fall arrest inertia reels reduce fall distance compared to many other fall arrest systems. Reduction in fall distance means less chance of injury to the casualty and an easier rescue. Our retrieval blocks are offered from top quality manufacturers including Tractel, Sala, Miller, Yale, Ridgegear and many more. Some are sealed for offshore / outdoor use and others made from stainless steel. We also offer lightweight retrieval blocks and durable options for more aggressive environments. 

Fall arrest inertia reels with built-in rescue winch/retrieval winch. We offer 15, 30 or 40 metre steel cable lengths from only top of the range manufacturers like Miller, Sala and Protecta. The cable can be deflected over a pulley wheel to achieve a safe anchorage point for the rescue/retrieval winch to be operated from.

A rescue block is commonly used in confined spaces with our tripod and man riding winch though have many other applications for providing fall protection with an integrated rescue plan, I.E. after a fall has occurred the winch would be used to perform the rescue.

The in build winch element can only be used for emergency rescue and must not be used to man ride a person (winched/suspended access and egress) for this you would need a ‘Manhandler’ dedicated man-riding winch.

Inertia Reel With Retrieval Rescue Winch to EN360 and EN1496

SALA Fall Arrest Rescue Block Inertia Reel With Retrieval Winch to EN360 & EN1496

Sala offer an excellent range of fall arrest inertia reels complete with a rescue / retrieval handle New sealed design keeps the critical working components (brake, power spring, energy absorber) free of dirt, grease, water and chemicals. Built-in carrying handle makes transport and anchoring safe and easy. It also provides a secondary “dropped objects protection” attachment point. Exclusive design provides these Sala "RSQ" sealed blocks with both fall arrest with assisted rescue capabilities and automatic self-rescue for ultimate versatility. It also features a built-in Rescue Device becomes an integral part of a rescue plan with standard fall arrest mode, automatic rescue mode, remote/assisted activation, retrieval models - built-in emergency retrieval winch for a raising and lowering personnel.

Ridgegear Fall Arrest Rescue Block Inertia Reel With Retrieval Winch to EN360 and EN1496


Ridgegear 15 metre fall Arrest and Rescue inertia reel self retracting Block is a three way retrieval block with the ability to arrest a fall then raise or lower the casualty to safety, performing the rescue very quickly and therefore providing the rescue plan (required by law to comply with the working at height directive). The Ridgegear retriever winch can be used with or without the Ridgegear tripod to provide fall protection and rescue and is made to EN360 and EN1496. They have Cable spec: 15 x 5 galvanised steel wire rope available with either a Galvanised steel wire rope or Stainless steel wire rope. 


Miller Fall Arrest Rescue Block Inertia Reel With Retrieval Winch to EN360 and EN1496


The Miller MightEvac fall arrest inertia reels with rescue winch are commonly used in confined spaces and with the Miller tripod and man riding winch though are often used independently. They are available 15 metre, 30 metre and as a 40 metre options. The Miller MightEvac is a self-retracting lifeline with casualty rescue facility that provides a rescue plan for those working at height. Miller is one of the largest and most respected fall arrest equipment manufacturers in existence and their products are sold all over the globe. The steel wire rope cable can be deflected over a pulley wheel to achieve a safe anchorage point for the rescue retrieval winch to be operated from. 


Protecta Fall Arrest Rescue Block Inertia Reel With Retrieval Winch to EN360 and EN1496

Available from Protecta at 15 on the AD515 or 25 metre for the AD525 we offer fall arrest retriever blocks  with galvanized steel cable,  Internal shock absorbing element, integrated brake system, foolproof adjustment, impact force reduction < 6kN. Braking system, by overspeed (+/- 2m/s), by double locking paws and a breaking strength >12kN. These rescue blocks comply with standard 0086 EN 360 EN 1496 - Class B, and weight just 9.8kg and 17.2kg. Both are designed to be used independently or in conjunction with the Protecta AM100 tripods system

Tractel Fall Arrest Rescue Block Inertia Reel with Retrieval Winch to EN360 and EN1496


LiftingSafety offers the Blocfor 20R and 30R fall arrest inertia reels with integrated rescue handles (integrated winch) made to the standard EN360) used to protect to both protect against a fall then rescue the casualty (up or down). They are auto return hook spring recoil fall arrest devices from Tractel, who are worldwide manufacturer of top quality height safety and fall arrest equipment.


Miller MightyEvac Self-retracting blocks are lightweight and can be used in conjunction with the NM10 aluminium tripod or used totally independent to provide a means of rescue for persons working at height.

The MightyEvac is a fall arrest block equipped with an integrated emergency rescue winch. The inertia reel will arrest the fall, the retrieval winch provides a means of rescuing the casualty, thus providing a fall arrest and rescue plan!

Through Sala we offer the sealed fall arrest reel with rescue winch, optionally certified for ATEX environments. Sealed bloc technology for Sala prevents the dirt and grime from entering the mechanical working of the inertia reel. Supplied with cable lengths from 15 to 39 metres long.

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