Electric Chain Hoists

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Discounted high quality, low cost electric chain blocks (chain hoists) - We can supply an electrically powered hoist to suit almost any budget and application.

LiftingSafety offer in our online shop/catalogue a range of Electric chain hoists to suit most applications from many of the leading quality hoist manufacturers including Yale, Stahl, Hadef, Donati, Tractel, Verlinde, Kito and many more to come in the near future. We are constantly looking for new manufacturers with additional lifting equipment features so that we will be able to cater for all our customers requirements.

Options for the powered chain hoists that we offer are very similar to that of the manual hand chain hoist with the addition of powered motions as opposed to requiring manual effort to raise or travel the load along a crane or runway beam.

Our electric lifting hoists are fitted with supplied hook suspension or with an integrated manual or powered trolley and they can be controlled by a push button pendant or by radio remote control. Options are available with slow, fast or variable lifting speeds and hoists can be supplied to suit a variety of different voltages / power supplies with bespoke hoists also available, suitable for different environments (offshore, cleanroom, wet and/or dusty etc.), dependant on user requirements.

We can also supply specialist application units which have been specifically designed for use on wind turbines and Atex areas.

We appreciate that an electrically driven chain hoist can represent a sizable investment and so if you are even a little unsure as to the most appropriate type or model, then please contact our sales or technical staff who will assist you accordingly.


Yale Electric Chain Hoists, 125kg to 10 tonne

The Yale range of electric hoists offers choice, variety and quality and can be supplied hook suspended or with a monorail trolley. They are available in capacities from 125kg up to 10000kg through four different types of hoist, they are all great quality hoists with their own unique key features. LiftingSafety are a Yale authorised Master Distributor which means we can supply and/or install any of Yale's industrial products at a competitive price.

Yale are part of the CM Group, one of the world's largest and most professional lifting equipment manufacturers. All of the Yale chain hoists in the CM group range are available to us and on-line in this category the hoists are manufactured by both CM and Yale has an excellent range that covers by far the majority of all the electric chain hoist enquiries we receive

Yale Electric Chain Hoists, 125kg to 10 tonne

Donati Electric Chain Hoists, 125kg to 4 tonne

Compact and inexpensive, they represent the modern and convenient answer to world market requirements to lift up to 2000 kg loads with one single chain fall. The rigorous attention placed on all phases of the engineering and design process for all products at DONATI is entirely in line with our diligent consideration for international norms and regulations, a guarantee for our many customers and end-users, serving as a gateway for the internationalization and diffusion of our products worldwide. The Electric chain hoists series DLK, are designed and manufactured in conformity with legislation in Italy and the following, European Community Directives: Machinery Directive 2006/42/CE; Low Voltage Directive 2006/95/CE; Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive 2004/108/CE.

Donati Electric Chain Hoists, 125kg to 4 tonne

Wind Turbine Electric Chain Hoists with High Speed Lift and up to 1000kg Capacity

LiftingSafety are compiling a collection of hoists for use or potential use on wind turbines from lifting equipment manufacturers all over the globe. We offer both electric chain hoists suitable for offshore use. Used for maintenance and some times and permanent installation. The key feature about a chain hoist used on offshore wind turbines is the lifting speed and the weather protection. The chain hoist must be able to lift the load faster than the see can raise (sea swell) as per the industries acceptable sea state conditions. We offer turbine hoists from Columbus McKinnon and from Verlinde though will be adding to this category in the near future. 

Wind Turbine Electric Chain Hoists with High Speed Lift and up to 1000kg Capacity

Verlinde Electric Chain Hoists up to 10 tonnes

Verlinde electrically powered hoists are of excellent quality and are extremely customizable, based on the requirements of the user, with capacity options from 60kg up to 10000kg. Verlinde manufacture their hoisting equipment in France for Morris materials handling and for Kone Cranes, which are basically the same hoist with a different badge. As with the Kito hoists, the range of Verlinde electric hoists are more costly than some other electric hoists though the range is far greater than most, as is their ability to modify a particular hoist to suit the customers specific working environment.

Verlinde Electric Chain Hoists up to 10 tonnes

Kito Electric Chain Hoists, 60kg to 20 tonne

Kito electric hoists and trolley hoist combinations are available from 60kg up to 20000kg with a wide range of customisations also available. Within the lifting equipment industry it is generally accepted that Kito electric hoists are probably the best quality available, with a wide range of styles and options a Kito hoist can be supplied to suit almost any application and environment.The Kito collection of hoists really are a superb quality range and are designed for heavy duty industrial use, they are more specialized and probably better quality than most electric hoisting units presently available, though if you want the best, please expect them to be a little more costly.

Kito Electric Chain Hoists, 60kg to 20 tonne

More Information

An electric hoist, with a mains powered electric motor (generally 110v, 240v or 415v AC) and that utilises a chain to perform the lift, is often referred to by a more common term which is an 'electric chain hoist'. We can supply almost any type or brand of electric hoist from most major hoisting equipment manufacturers. We are also a supplier of a complete range of manual chain hoists, wire rope hoists and scaffold hoists that could possibly prove to be a better suited hoist for the more specific application.

Just about all of the hoists which we supply are also available with a full range of customisations and accessories to suit, which can add usability, practicality and functionality, that then in turn can ease user effort required, thus increasing productivity and possibly reducing overall production costs.

This particular type of hoisting equipment can be supplied with a variety of compatible options such as:

  • 1Ph (single phase) electric - Generally 110v or 230v/240v
  • 3Ph (three phase) electric - Industrial 400v/415v
  • 18v DC - See our battery powered electric chain hoist for more information. Though only available in 250kg or 500kg safe working loads.
  • Capacities ranging from 60kg up to 50000kg.
  • Wide range of other unit specific features such as twin hooks or spark resistance for example.

Note: One of our electric winches may also be a more suitable lifting device, which could make lifting and handling your loads easier, more efficient, and possibly faster. Also available, which may be of interest is a wide range of air hoists, which have a more specific assortment of features, that make them more suitable for conditions such as hazardous environments or under-water (sub-sea) for example.

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