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Yale Columbus McKinnon (CM) Wind Turbine Chain Hoist, Many Voltage Options - 250kg, 500kg or 1000kg

Model:  LodeStar Wind / WTCH-2630

Yale Columbus Mckinnon (cm) Wind Turbine Chain Hoist
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230v 460v 575v
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Wind Turbine Chain Hoist by CM. Electric Chain hoist for use on Wind Farm. Capacity from 250kg to 1000kg.

For when the load exceeds 250kg (550 pounds) and faster speeds are critical.

The largest selling electric chain hoists in the industry have reached new heights.

The Lodestar and Shopstar Wind Edition have been modified specifically for use as a service and maintenance hoist for wind turbines. Which unit is right for you?

For use as a maintenance hoist within the nacelle or tower.

Lodestar Wind Edition Specifications:

  • Lift Heights: Exceeds 300feet (91 metres)
  • Capacities: 550lb to 1 Ton (2200lb), 250kg to 1000kg
  • Speeds: Single speed standard (two speed optional)
    Small frame Lodestar 32 fpm (32/10 fpm) - 9.75 m/min (9.75/3.05 m/min)
    Large frame Lodestar 64 fpm (64/21 fpm) - 19.5 m/min (19.5/6.4 m/min)
  • VFD and additional speeds available
  • Duty Cycle: Exceeds ASME H4 rating
  • Enclosure: NEMA 3R
  • Controls: 2 button, NEMA 4X
  • 24V,48V or 115V control voltage available
  • Voltage: 230-460/3/60 standard 575/3/60 available single phase, and 50Hz optional
  • Suspension: Hook, lug, or trolley
  • Load Chain: Zinc plated CM Alloy load chain
  • Standards: Meets ASME/ANSI B30.16
  • CE and CSA compliant units available
  • Metric Rated
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Made in the USA

Features and Benefits

Better control on long lifts 2 speed motor: smooth, slow speed starts and stops, fast speed for load transition.
Variable frequency drive (VFD) option is also available on the Lodestar.
Precision machined and hardened liftwheel: exact fit of chain in liftwheel provides smoother operation and reduces chain vibration.

Rugged design to withstand the application and environment.

  • Heavy duty motor:
    H4 duty rating provides ability to lift equipment over 300 feet (91 metres) without interruption.
  • Dual Braking system:
    Uses an AC type brake and electrodynamic brake. Electro- dynamic braking eliminates heat generated by typical designs.
    Reduces maintenance, changing of oil, and wear on parts.
  • NEMA 3R enclosure: enclosure provides extra protection to internal parts, which also helps reduce maintenance
  • Zinc-plated chain: protects chain and prevents corrosion.

Reduce hoist maintenance costs

  • Grease Lubrication:
    Eliminates the need to drain and change the oil which is required every 200 hours in most other hoists designs. Provides
  • superior gear protection.
  • Lifetime lubricated.
  • No special tools required to disassemble:
    Quick and easy hoist inspections and maintenance.
  • Upper and lower limit switches:
    Prevents the lower hook from running to the bottom of the hoist which can lead to hoist and equipment damage.
  • Readily available hoist parts:
    Readily available parts from authorized distributors reduces downtime.
  • Lifetime Warranty: Superior hoist design.


  • Overload protection:
    Prevents lifting more than rated capacity protecting operators and equipment.
  • Upper and lower limit switches:
    Helps prevent equipment damage.
  • Training: Safety, inspection, and proper hoist and rigging technique classes available.
  • Lower hook impact protection:
  • Prevents tower damage from load hook during no load lifting and lowering.

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