Hand Operated Ratchet Lever Hoists / Pull-Lifts

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A lever hoist / pullift can be supplied from many different manufacturers to suit almost any budget and application - Quality manual pull lifts

Hand operated ratchet lever hoists are also known as pull lifts and they will lift a load. They will also pull, separate tension and hold a load. They are a very versatile piece of lifting equipment and are offered online by LiftingSafety by many manufacturers including Yale, Tiger Lifting, Kito, Hackett, Tractel, Pfaff and Ingersoll Rand. We offer you a great choice online in the hope that we will have an option from one of the lifting equipment manufacturers will suit our customers' requirements. We offer lever hoists made from many different materials with pressed steel body, cast iron body and aluminium construction. The height of lift can be to our customers' requirements and we can offer with special key features, for example with Atex protection and specifically designed for subsea and offshore use. Please contact us if you need any assistance in choosing the most appropriate option. 

In this category we offer Yale Ratchet Operated lever hoists otherwise known as pull lifts.  The load hooks are drop-forged, that yield when overloaded instead of breaking, are made from high tensile steel and are fitted with robust safety catches. The hoods an all lever hoists rotate 360 degrees. Yale offer a massive range of lever hoists compared with other manufacturers; hopefully we offer a product for most applications and budgets. The Yale chain stops are designed to withstand double the rated capacity to ensure that the chain does not unintentionally run free. The pressure brake parts are manufactured from high quality materials and are corrosion protected. The surface is zinc plated alloy steel link chain. Every Yale lever hoist is factory tested with overload and are supplied with a certificate an operating instructions manual which contains EC declaration of conformity.

Yale Lever Hoists, Ratchet Lever Hoists / Pull-Lifts

LiftingSafety present the Tiger range of ratchet lever hoist from Tiger Lifting. They are top quality and have a proven track record of over a decade to users in the UK and worldwide for general industrial use. More recently it has become the product of choice for the offshore oil and Gas industry with the Tiger SS11 range of ratchet lever hoists (formally the TigerShark). Standard lever hoists are 1.5 metre HOL and SS11 hoists are 3 metre HOL as standard. They are rugged steel body construction, lightweight compact & portable with low effort required to lift the goods. Hoists are fitted with a swivel safety hook as standard though other terminations can be supplied on request. All Tiger lever hoists are load tested to 1.5 times the SWL.

Tiger Lever Hoists, Ratchet Lever Hoists / Pull-Lifts

Tractel Bravo lever hoists are a quality product at a fair price. These are a manual lever hoist for lifting, positioning, pulling, holding and tensioning a load. Tractel lever hoists are light weight and easy to use. They are a quality product from a top quality manufacturer. We offer a heavy duty comprehensive rage from 250kg to 10 tonne and all are fitted with 1.5 metre of load chain c/w a swivel hook. (Longer HOL on if required) The ratchet hoist is fitted with heavy duty bearings and automatic brake. We look forward to receiving your enquiry.

Tractel Lever Hoists

Kito refers to their ratchet lever hoists as the Kito Lever Block Hoists! The range includes the LB Series and the LX series. These are truly top of the range lever hoists and as such a premium product please expect the cost to be a little more that lesser quality product ranges.  The LB  hoist range have free chain adjusting mechanism that greatly improves the working efficiency and are fitted with Grade 10 (100) load chain. These are very tough, durable ratchet lever hoist!  The LX Series Lever Hoists are KITO's compact size pull lift.

Kito Lever Hoists, Ratchet Lever Hoists / Pull-Lifts

Here LiftingSafety offers the Ingersoll Rand's range of Lever Chain Hoists otherwise known as ratchet lever hoists. We offer what Ingersoll Rand describes as “the ultimate in performance, endurance, and safety” with these there are different types of lever hoist on offer. The LH5 premium hoist is the top of the range, The LV referred to as the classis range is the most popular for industrial applications and the SLB silver series offers a medium between price and quality. . Capacities and features make these Lever Chain Hoists perfect for all industrial lifting, pulling, and positioning applications.. Generally the Ingersoll Rand chain hoists are as follows. They meet the ASME B30.21 Specifications and HST - 3M standards. Designed FOS x 4 certified to 1.5 x SWL with range from 0.75 tonne to 6000kg and a lightweight stamped steel construction. Please send your enquiry and we will offer our most competitive quotation.

Ingersoll Rand Lever Hoists, Ratchet Lever Hoists / Pull-Lifts

Further Information on Lever Hoists:

With our comprehensive range we offer a wide selection of 'Pul-Lift' Hand Lever Hoists that are built to a high quality standard from different manufacturers, like Yale and Hacketts.

Amongst the different features on the pul-lifts that we offer are lightweight aluminium units and a selection of different heavy duty options some made from cast, lever hoists with a very fine ratchet mechanism for precise controlled movement.

We also have a lever hoist that is sealed against dust and even one sealed from the ingress of water that is suitable for subsea use (under water) lever hoists can be supplied with stainless steel load chain on certain models.

Contact our sales or technical department if you need any assistance or further information to enable the right choice to be made when selecting the most appropriate pul-lift for your application.

A pul-lift lever hoist is a lifting pulling and tensioning device. A ratchet mechanism pulls the load chain through the hoist body shortening the distance between the load hooks, the lever action of the handle reduces the manual effort required to operate a pullift. Every unit has a maximum safe working load and this should never be exceeded when lifting a load.

Pul-lifts are rated as a vertical lift though ratchet lever hoists can be used for tensioning at angles, the load must be calculated by the competent person to ensure that the lever hoist is not overloaded. It is deemed good practice to have a load measuring device in-line (load cell) to monitor the load as tension is applied.
Pull Lifts can also be used for pulling a load though the maximum load that can be pulled must be calculated by the competent person dependant on:

  • Is the load in rolling (on wheels)
  • Is the load on level flat surface or on a slope,
  • Is the surface smooth concrete
  • Are you pulling through sand! Etc...

To summarise the maximum load that can be pulled is dependent on user assessment taking into account the amount of drag/resistance.

'Ratchet Lever Hoist's are a really convenient piece of portable lifting equipment that can be quickly and easily set-up and they can be used in most environments, indoor and outdoor use, in a workshop or an offshore oil platform etc...They can be supplied in capacities from 250kg right up to 10 tonne SWL, and are the ideal solution where portability, ease of use, cost effectiveness, lack of electrical power supply and durability are a requirement. A pul-lift is a cost effective lifting tool and is easy to operate with minimal training.

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