Fall Arrest Work Positioning Harnesses EN361 & EN358

Quick Ref: CN-1494

This category contains fall arrest harnesses manufactured to European standard EN361and EN358 (both standards) and is used for fall arrest, restraint and work positioning applications. All EN361 harnesses are suitable for fall arrest applications usually fitted with one fall arrest anchorage points at the rear of the harness and/or one at the front (also used to rescue the casualty after a fall) though EN358 harnesses are also fitted with 2 x side ‘D’ Rings in the hip area. These are not fall arrest anchorage points and must not be used for arresting a fall or for rescuing the casualty after a fall. The side ‘D’ rings are usually built into a work positioning belt that provides comfort when the harness is used for work positioning in conjunction with a pole strap / work positioning lanyard. A pole strap does not provide fall arrest protection and must be used in combination with an independent fall arrest device also connected to the lanyard. EN361 / EN358 fall arrest work positioning harnesses must be thoroughly examined and re-certified by a competent person at periods no longer than 12 months. (This is a maximum period)

Also available within our range are the more standard type EN361 safety harnesses without the work positioning belt (side d-rings) and EN358 accreditation for work positioning applications.

  • Designed for Working Hands Free at Height or Rescue.
  • Professional Quality technical and rescue access harnesses.
  • Harnesses that minimise Suspension Trauma.
  • Excellent comfort harness while semi Suspended.
  • Available with different anchorage connections.
  • Harnesses are available that comply to EN361, EN358 safety standards.
  • Designed with integrated Belt.
Miller Fall Arrest Work Positioning Harnesses, EN361 & EN358

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