Hydraulic Lifting Cylinders & Pumps 700 Bar

Quick Ref: CN-327
Quality manufactured high pressure (generally 700 BAR) hydraulic lifting cylinders, pumps and accessories from liftingsafety at affordable prices!

LiftingSafety offer a wide and comprehensive range of high pressure hydraulic lifting cylinders, rams and hand pumps to suit heavy duty industrial applications. This type of single action lifting cylinder tend to use a remote / independent hand pump making them ideal for use in confined spaces. The lifting cylinder is separate to the hand pump though connected with a hydraulic hose which can be a long as needed meaning that the person operating / controlling the lift can be situated in a safe area away from the actual lift. Lifting cylinders operate at very high pressure, 700 Bar / 10,000 PSI. We offer in our online lifting equipment catalogue hydraulic lifting systems up to 1000 tonne capacity on many different sizes and types of cylinder. Flat or Pad jack are very low height, than we also offer standard height and tall cylinders along with hollow centre jacks. Lifting cylinders with Locking nuts provide a mechanical means of holing the load preventing the ram lowering under load. Single stage rams have spring return. We offer a good range of Hydraulic hand pumps manual and electric with different reservoir capacities (amount of oil) and as single stage and two stage; twin stage pumps oil very fast at low pressure and then when the oil pressure rises the lifting speed automatically reduces and lift the load. Hydraulic hand pumps are hand operated or foot operated.  

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