Environment & Waste Handling Attachments

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Huge discounted range of waste handling fork truck attachments, with larger discounts available on bulk orders.

A range of fork-lift truck attachments for the handling of waste products, for general site waste such as rubble or wood, basically anything which could be regarded as a waste product can be handled by one of our roll forward skips. The range also includes a choice of bin-type stillages which empty at the base rather than tipping the load, wheelie bin handling attachments are also listed here. There are also semi-stainless and completely stainless steel skips available which have been primarily designed for use in the food industry, where cleanliness and possibly liquids may be involved.


Roll Forward Skips for use with forklift trucks or telehandlers.

This has a unique twin lock system and simple to operate release mechanism. Roll forward skips keep working areas clear and allow safe and speedy removal of scrap, waste or rubbish to the appropriate skip or waste compacter. This is the ideal solution to waste handling. Available in a range of different models and colours.

Rubble Roll Forward Skip.

This Rubble skip is designed specifically for the rigours of the plant hire and construction market. This is a heavy construction with reinforced edges and a 5mm thick body. Extra strong base frame and lock assembly.

Packaging Skip, Ideal for handling rubbish of high volume, low weight material, such as paper, packaging materials etc.

Manufactured by adding 500mm mesh height extensions on three sides to give higher volume and added rigidity without a significant increase in the weight. Ideal for handling rubbish of high volume, low weight material, such as paper, packaging materials etc. These tipping containers are ideal for recycling areas where paper and card need to be kept separate.

Stainless Steel Roll Forward Skip.

This fully stainless steel skip is designed for use primarily in the food and drinks industry, where corrosion resistance and the immunisation of contamination is vital. Every part is manufactured from A grade stainless steel, making it suitable for pressure washing or steam cleaning. A must for disposal of waste in clean environment.

Semi Stainless Roll Forward Skip.

The regular range of Roll Forward Skips with steel underframe, but fitted with a body manufactured from stainless steel. Its corrosion resistance makes it ideal for handling wet or corrosive products or for use in a harsh environment.

Low Loading Skip for use on a forklift truck or telehandler.

This short skip has been designed with a very short overall height to fit into spaces where height is restricted. Ideal for use as a swarf bin, scrap bin, machined parts or blanks container. It is fitted with a safety chain for securing to the truck.

Auto Dumping Boxes.

They operate automatically when lowered against the side of a waste skip allowing the contents to be dumped without the driver leaving his seat.

Base Emptying Stillage for use on a forklift truck or telehandler.

A simple but effective means of collecting, moving and safely dumping factory waste. These bottom dropping boxes dump the waste through the base, which opens by a means of a pull cord. The base automatically re-locks when lowered. Can be supplied with castors or lids, when fitted with standard feet they can be stacked like waste stillage.

Drum and Bin Rotator.

This is designed for use in areas where drums and wheelie bins are used, this drum rotator has a special girdle that allows both to be clamped around their mid points and rotated. It can be rotated by means of either a Crank handle or Loop chain. Can handle 210 litre drums and 120/240 litre wheelie bins. The Bin/Drum is located in the girdle by a ratchet and webbing strap.

Small Wheelie Bin Handler.

Wheelie bins are a very popular choice for waste handling in the working environment. While their lightweight mobile design can make positioning and moving over short distances easier, it is often difficult to dispense the contents into a larger waste container ready for collection. This is where our wheelie bin handling attachments come in.

Wheelie bin fork truck attachment for lifting and tipping/emptying of 660 to 1100 litre wheelie bins.

This wheelie bin handler allows simple lift and empty operation of a large wheelie bin. The attachment slides onto the forks of the lift truck and is retained by heel pins. Lifting slots on the wheelie bin simply raise the attachment to the required height so that the side of the receptacle is positioned on the base of the bin.

Large Wheelie Bin Handler Fork Lift Truck Attachment - 500kg or 1100 Litre

Wheelie bin fork truck attachment for lifting and tipping/emptying of 660 to 1100 litre wheelie bins.

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