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A comprehensive lifting store offering high quality lifting equipment and materials handling products from all of the world leading manufacturers, with savings to be had by all.

We have a very extensive and ever growing range of high quality lifting and materials handling equipment on offer with big discounts and savings are available to all. Get in touch or request a 'quick quote' to find out more.

We aim to offer the most comprehensive and professionally presented group of quality lifting equipment products and accessories available anywhere on the world wide web. Our aim is to deliver excellent content and great choice with customisable products being effortlessly configured, so that you receive the exact equipment that you require to complete your lifting or handling tasks as efficiently and as safely as possible. Should you require any assistance at all in determining the best product for you, please feel free to get in touch and we will do our best to assist you.

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Chain Hoists; Manual, Electric, Pneumatic

Chain hoists are probably the most common piece of machinery used to lift and lower equipment. They are designed to lift a load vertically using a hook connected to a chain which is then driven either manually, electrically, pneumatically or hydraulically.

A chain hoist can be a permanent fixture for when a lift is commonly required within the same vicinity or temporary fixing for when a lift is required in several different locations infrequently. All chain lifting hoists offered by LiftingSafety are suitable to be fitted to a trolley, which can be either manually moved or have powered travel, by such means as electric, air or hydraulics.

Wire Rope Pulling Winches & Lifting Hoists

Available here are a wide choice of hoists which can either lift or pull a load by means of a wire rope. There are two main differences with wire rope devices, some are designed to lift and pull (hoists) and some are designed just to pull (winches). The main factor that decides if a wire rope machine can be used to lift, pull or both is the factor of safety that it required and the unit is built to; to lift a load there is a FOS (factor of safety) requirement of 5:1, whereas to pull a load the requirement on only 3:1 FOS. Options are available for manual, electric, pneumatic or hydraulic cable pulling and lifting devices. All of which have their own unique features and specifications which can make one more suitable than another. If you feel you need assistance at any point in deciding the right piece of equipment for you, please get in contact and we will do our best to ensure your problem is solved.

General Industrial Lifting Equipment

Probably one of the largest online ranges of general and specialist lifting equipment including; beam trolleys, all types of hoists, rigging equipment, beam/plate clamps, lifting magnets, pulley sheaves and lifting equipment identification tags/systems etc., from a vast array of suppliers and manufacturers across the world.

Rigging Gear; Riggers Lifting Equipment

LiftingSafety offer online in this category general lifting tackle used under the hook commonly referred to as "rigging and slinging equipment", used by the rigger to make safe the lifting process. Many users refer to the items contained within this category as lifting accessories or loose lifting gear. Many of the items are also listed in other relevant categories within our online shop, advertised here are Lifting Eye Bolts and Lifting Slings, Chain Fittings, Bow and D Shackles and Crane Blocks. We sell quality rigging accessories from reputable manufacturers like Crosby, Hackett’s, McKissick etc.... Our staff has excellent product and technical knowledge so please feel free to contact our team at any time if you need and assistance.

Cranes; Mobile, Portable and Fixed

LiftingSafety offer an on-line selection of cranes, a great choice of standard and special manufactured options on most product lines. There are portable, modular cranes that are movable with/without load or installed cranes like overhead cranes (manual and fully powered). We offer solutions with Atex (anti-sparking features) and lightweight aluminium cranes though generally can modify to suit our customers requirements. We offer one off the greatest online selections of floor cranes in the world, our portable workshop cranes and many unique features and are mostly individually made to our customers' specification. LiftingSafety Lightweight aluminium ‘A’ Frame gantries and davit arms offer excellent choice and probably unrivalled online. 

Material Handling & Jacking Equipment

Manual handling equipment is designed to reduce the manual handling effort and associated risk to the user to a minimum and you will find the range offered by LiftingSafety is vast. There are many subcategories of manual handling equipment available; they can be manually operated, electrically controlled, pneumatic or hydraulic powered. If you have a manual handling issue and need a solution we advise that email our technical team, who will do their best to offer the most appropriate solution. LiftingSafety offer a great range of lifting jacks as normally used to lift, lower and/or hold equipment, in numerous design styles to suit our customers jacking needs. Our jacks are manual or electrically operated and can be supplied with hydraulic or mechanical lifting. Our staff are keen to offer the best solution rather than the most expensive options as we try our best to obtain new business and then to retain our customers. If you need a lifting beam, crane forks or any other type of materials handling equipment we are here to assist – why not get in touch, send us your enquiry today!

Forklift Truck Attachments

Fork lift attachments are an item of lifting equipment accessories used in conjunction with a fork lift truck to lift, carry, crane, push, pull, hold, dispense, rotate and clamp equipment to improve efficiency and assist or remove the manual handling effort of the user. There are many items in many categories including roll forward skips, drum handling equipment, fork truck mounted lifting jibs, booms and tines, fork extensions, scoops and snow ploughs. We also offer a great selection man riding basket (fork truck man access baskets) s used to gain access to areas, working at height. Most of the attachments we offer are manufactured in the UK by a factory with over 40 years of experience. We offer special and bespoke fork truck attachments and offer full technical assistance with expert In-House manufacturing at hand. 

Specialist Lifting Equipment

For most of the products in this category that we refer to as specialist application lifting equipment we probably also offer a similar or identical item in another category except is will be made from a different material or made to a different specification from normal industrial working environments. For example the Atex category contains many items that have generally been modified to work safety in potentially explosive areas, items like chain hoists and rather lever hoists which are also offered without the anti-sparking (spark proof) modifications. Other categories include the ROV and Subsea lifting equipment and stainless steel lifting equipment most of which is also available made from other materials or without modifications for our industrial customer. Please feel free to contact our sales team if you need any assistance.

Access and Safety Related Equipment

LiftingSafety sell Portable access equipment as used for many different types of work, for maintenance, access & egress and for production processes. Our working platforms are manually or electrically manoeuvred and lifted; our scaffold towers and ladders come in many different sizes and are easily and quickly assembled. LiftingSafety safety products include load weighing tackle (load cells, load links, load shackles or crane weighers) which are designed as a connection between the lifting hook and the load. The load cell indicates the weight of the load as it is applied to the hoist and it helps to prevent overloading a crane. Load arrestors are a safety product to catch a falling load. They are a fall arrest block for materials applications. We offer on-line an outstanding range in capacity, (SWL) and cable length. Spring balancers (tool spring balancers or load balancers), neutralise the weight of the tool or equipment suspended by them making the tool seem weightless while suspended on a retractable wire rope. Again a much underused piece of safety lifting equipment. Please contact our sales team for a competitive quote.

Workshop and Shop Floor Equipment

In this category LiftingSafety offers many items that don’t really fall into any other category though collectively they are just as important a group of products. This is a very busy category with our customers and included in this shop section are wind turbine lifting hoists, from many lifting equipment manufacturers and a big range of hydraulic workshop presses/hydraulic floor presses. We also offer many items of garage equipment items suitable for use in commercial vehicle garages. Our swaging presses are used for the manufacture of steel wire rope slings and once again we offer an ample range. We hopefully look forward to receiving your enquiry!

Welcome and Thank You for Visiting our Online Lifting Equipment Store

Welcome to the LiftingSafety's online lifting equipment catalogue. We offer a very comprehensive web shop with all types of lifting and materials handling equipment, where hopefully you will find the best and most appropriate product to solve you're lifting or handling issues.

We have designed our shop so that the content is well structured and therefore user friendly, it is very important that the website is easy to navigate enabling our customers and potential customers to easily find the quickest path to best possible lifting solutions, products or services. We have tried to make sure that you have an excellent choice of product lines with options to suit quality, price and availability. Clients can choose to add products to a basket then send the entire basket to our sales team who will prepare you an official quotation. We will offer discounts dependant on quantity, order value and customer loyalty. Lifting equipment is generally is a technical product range and many customers need assistance. We have great knowledge and experience and are always available to help, simply contact us by email or phone!

'Lifting equipment' (also known as lifting gear, lifting tackle, hoisting equipment, material handling equipment and manual handling equipment among others) incorporates a huge range of commercial and industrial equipment, the majority of which we are specialist suppliers in, such as electric hoists, wire rope winches, jib cranes, rigging equipment and pallet handling equipment to mention but a few.

We know how everyone likes a bargain, and at SELS we always have discounts available on any of our products, just request a quote to find out more. In the meantime, why not take a look at our clearance lifting equipment, there you might just find something that you are looking for or may need, at a very reduced cost.

Import and Export

We are both an importer and exporter of lifting equipment with a great deal of enquiries being from overseas customers. If you are a buyer from overseas you can be assured that we have the right product range and the knowledge and experience to deal with your enquiry – we are professional exporters!

Where possible, through-out the listings of lifting gear and height safety equipment (fall arrest, rescue, restraint, rope access etc...) have been kept as simple and easy-to-use as possible, however because of the vast range of equipment available in our online catalogue it is a challenge to get things in the right place. For this reason some of the height safety and lifting equipment may appear in more than one category.

What makes us different!

Our business is managed by lifting engineers, people who understand the product range and are able to comfortly offer further insight or advice on the items we have on offer; we are not simply a catalogue company! Our web site is also managed by lifting engineers though uniquely we also employ our own in house IT team who write, present, develop this web site. Our most important asset is our customers so when we designed, we looked at what the customer needed and not simply at what we presently had the technology to offer and therefore the online functionality and presentation was designed for the customers. LiftingSafety respond to our customer's technology requirements and constantly update the web store with functions that improve and enhance the user experience. We tear down the technology barriers and rewrite the rules on what can be achieved.

Specialist Lifting Equipment

At Selby Engineering, specialist lifting solutions are being developed and added to our online catalogue constantly, on a weekly if not daily basis. Having acknowledged that our lifting equipment website / shop is far superior to that offered by our competitors, we find ourselves being continually approached by lifting gear manufacturers, importers, stockists and designers to offer their lifting solutions and products on our website catalogue. This means that you.'The End User' of lifting equipment have an excellent choice of available solutions; there is even a good chance that you can find your lifting solution simply by browsing our catalogue!

We will always offer you the most appropriate solution to your lifting requirement whether this involves more commonly required lifting units such as electric chain hoists, manual chain hoists, floor cranes etc. We also design, manufacture, test and certify other custom built and/or special (bespoke) items of lifting equipment like lifting davits (davit arms), swing jib cranes and overhead cranes (offshore and explosion proof).  We can offer supply only or testing and installation of lifting equipment. All of our lifting gear is correctly certified to set specific requirements.

If you, the end user would like a specially designed piece of lifting equipment, Selby Engineering are always up to the challenge and will assist you all the way in having your bespoke lifting solution designed and manufactured to suit your specific lifting and/or handling needs in the most efficient way possible. If you cannot find anything within our website which may be suitable for your application give us a call today on +44 (0) 1977 684 600 and we will try our best make it happen and with the fastest turn around feasible.

Discounted Quotation

With almost all of the lifting equipment or fall arrest equipment listed throughout liftingsafety (including some of the more specialist units), we have the facility and ability to offer discounts on the majority of orders and quotes. To get a quote simply find the required product(s) and use the ' add to quote request' button and request a written quote from us, or you can call our office and speak to one of our dedicated team on UK 01977 684600 or overseas 0044 1977 684 600.

As it stands at the moment on liftingsafety we feel it couldn't be easier getting a quote for lifting or height safety equipment as every single product has a quantity box and quotation button, however some products do not have every configuration of options available to select for quotation and at this point you can input the specific requirements for the quotation in the comments box or call our sales office. The reason for some product not having the options configured are either because the range of that particular product is so huge it is not feasible to be configured on-line or because when the product was added we didn't have the capability to set the complete range of options available on that particular unit.

Lifting and Height Safety Quotes

All our lifting equipment and height safety products are available for quotation and all of which will receive a discount where possible when quoted by us. The majority of the products which we have within our online range either have a unit price or a guide price. If the price is displayed as a 'unit price', then this generally means that this price is current, this is the price which we will be working from when applying discount to your quotation request. If the price is detailed as a guide price, then this generally means that this is a past price which may have expired or may have increased slightly due to materials costs or a manufacturers annual price increase. This doesn't necesarily mean that this is the case, as in a good majority of instances we are still able to work from the guide price.

All quotations received by us are processed immediately or as quick as is humanly possible by one of our team. If you need your quotation sooner or with a matter of urgency, feel free to contact our office where one of the dedicated specialists will be happy to assist you in processing your quotation.

Material Handling Equipment

For us at Selby Engineering, material handling equipment can cover the majority of our lifting goods too, however we have segregated a few smaller more simplified categories which we feel are the most material handling orientated. These are the following gears: Machinery Skates, Jacking Equipment, Pallet Handling and Stackers, Genie Lifts, Scissor Lift Tables, Platform Trucks/Trolleys and Cylinder Handling Equipment. They can all be accessed from the lifting equipment shop link at the top of every page. We fully appreciate that finding the correct handling solution for your materials application is sometimes a daunting and challenging task, this is why we would like to reiterate, if you need any assistance please feel free to contact us when ever it is a suitable time for you and you will be assisted as best as we possibly can to find the right solution to suit your needs.

Lifting Equipment Manufacturers

Below are a small sample of some of the top manufacturers good we stock and sell. If you are looking for a product from one of the manufacturers listed below and you are having trouble finding it. Chances are if it exists we can find more information about it. If you require any help from us please call +44 (0) 1977 684 600 and we will do our best to help.

Camlok  |  Demag  |  Donati  |  Genie  |  Gunnebo  |  Hadef  |  Imer  |  Kito  |  Pfaff  |  Protecta  |  Rud  |  Sala  |  Steerman  |  Tiger  |  The Crosby Group  |  Tractel  |  Verlinde  |  Vetter  |  William Hackett |  Yale  |  and much more...

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