Retractable Fall Arrest Inertia Reel Self Retracting Lifeline to EN360

Quick Ref: CN-1032
High Quality Inertia Reels from Miller and SALA.

Fall arrest inertia reels to EN360 are an excellent way to reduce fall distance for those unfortunate enough to have fallen while working at height. Reduction in fall distance means less chance of injury to the casualty and an easier rescue. Reducing fall distance is the main feature for fall arrest inertia reels; in this category we offer a great range with a cable lifeline length of up to 60 metre long. We offer fall arrest blocks from top quality manufacturers including Tractel, Sala, Miller, Yale, Ridgegear and many more. We sell fall arrest blocks that are sealed for offshore our outdoor use, ones with stainless steel components, lightweight blocks and very durable units. Only operate the inertia reels with-in the manufacturer’s acceptable angles of use taking time to read the label on the inertia reel and follow the manufacturer’s operation and user manual. Most self retracting lifelines (SRL) cannot be used outside beyond 40 degrees from the vertical though we do also offer inertia reels that are suitable for horizontal use. Inertia reels can be dangerous is used incorrectly and users should be aware of the possible “pendulum effect” which can result in impact with the ground after a fall has been arrested.  Please contact us if you need any assistance or a quotation.

Miller and Sala and protecta Industrial quality fall arrest reels are available with lifeline lengths from 6 metres to 60 metres. We offer options that do not require annual factory re-certification, saving about £80 - £100 per block (The Miller Falson range), every year, lowering the overall cost of ownership!

  • Miller and Sala offer fall arrestors that are certified for horizontal use. All fall arrest inertia reels have permissible angles of use and this must be considered when selecting a fall protection retractable reel.
  • Fall arrest blocks require less fall clearance because they arrest a fall very quickly, typically 300mm. This minimizes the probability of an injury occurring. A shorter fall also means that rescuing the casualty will be much easier.

Retractable blocks totally eliminate the tripping hazards associated with a traditional fall arrest lanyard or rope guided fall arrestor (rope grab system). We offer Miller retractable (spring recoil) fall arrest reels and Sala inertia reels with options for different lengths of lanyard, wire rope or webbing lifeline, built in swivels, Lightweight, Impact resistant, corrosion resistant (stainless steel) and compact designs. Sala offer sealed inertia reels for the harshest of environments. All of the blocks that we offer are quality manufactured units from top quality manufacturers.

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