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Ridgegear "RGA1" Mini Fall Arrest Inertia Reel Personal Fall Limiter (PFL) with 2 x Screw Lock Karabiners & Polyester Webbing Lanyard - 2.5 Metre

Model:  RGA1 / MFAB-3692

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Ridgegear RGA1 Mini Fall Arrest Inertia Reel

Personal Fall Limiter

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Mini retractable (self retracting) web block with built in shock pad. Complies to EN360

Mini Fall Arrest Block

The RGA1 is a retractable mini web block ideal for personal issue to operatives working at height. The unit is designed to be connected, and worn directly on a fall arrest harness. The RGA1 has an almost instant “lock off” in the event of a fall, and recoils into the drum when slack is introduced into the lanyard. The reduced trip hazard and compact design make this unit ideal for tight work and tasks where a shorter arc of mobility is required. The RGA1 can also be fitted to most horizontal lifelines, but always check with the manufacturer prior to fitting.

The RGA 1 has a working length of: 2.5 metres.


  • Accredited to: EN 360
  • Web material 47mm polyester
  • Connectors RGK1
  • Weight 1.4kgs
  • Features: Built in shock pack
  • Max fall arrest load <6KN

RGA1 Specifications

(approx. 0.3Mb)

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