Load Arrestors

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Discounts available on probably the best choice of quality load arrestor blocks from any supplier (fall arrestors for materials)

Load arrestors are designed as a secondary safety device to arrest (catch, stop) falling equipment if the primary lifting equipment fails while being lifted lowered or for equipment that is permanently suspended. The fall may be caused by mechanical, electrical failure of due to anchorage point failure. Load arrestors are also known as fall arrestors (though the term fall arrester would more typically lend to PPE such as a fall arrest inertia reel / self-retracting lifeline), materials arrestors, safety fall arrester and increasing door arrestors (bi-folding doors in particular). Load arrestors are commonly used on lifting machines such as electric chain hoists, stage lighting rigs in the theatre and in mechanised production processes such as pallet strapping and shrink wrapping machines etc... Load arrestors provide a secondary back-up safety device that, in the event of the load free falling will prevent damage to the equipment impacting on the lower surface; more importantly 'material load arrestors' also stop the load from dropping onto or in the region of people below where they are working or in a public place such as in a lighting rig in the roof space of a shopping centre. A Load arrester is designed for arresting materials/goods and equipment and not to be used in systems for arresting people or equipment carrying people/persons. 


LiftingSafety Load Arrestors upto 3000kg

Capacities available from 250kg up to 3500kg, with cable lengths from 2.5 metres up to 30 metres. Special and non standard units are also available upon request.

LiftingSafety Load Arrestors upto 3000kg

SALA Load Arrestor up to 3000kg

The DBI SALA range of load arrestors offer a safe means of arresting materials (not personnel) weighing between 300kg and 3000kg (various different capacity models). Cable lengths are available from 2.5m (utilising pulley) all the way up to 30 metres. Three different body sizes offer a combined total of 24 standard models.

SALA Load Arrestor up to 3000kg

Neofeu Load arrestors from 200kg to 5000kg

The complete range of Neufeo load arrestors, offering 36 different standard models, which range in capacity from 200kg all the way up to a unique 5000kg (5 tonne). Two different body sizes incorporating cable lengths from 5 metres to 30 metres.

Neofeu Load arrestors from 200kg to 5000kg

We can build load arresting products to customers working conditions, environment and duty requirements and recommend that with all enquiries you complete our online load arrestor questionnaire which asks our customers to describe their application in detail so that our technical staff can evaluate your need and provide the most appropriate product and solution. We offer load arresting equipment from LiftingSafety, Sala, Protector, Tractel and others dependant on customer requirements. Fall arrest blocks will arrest falls of goods and equipment weighing up to 4 tonne using a single arrestor and up to about 12 tonnes using multiple arrestors. We look forward to receiving your enquiry.

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