Mobile Scissor Lift Tables

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Mobile Scissor Lift Tables

HX 150, HX 300, HX 500, HX 750 and HX-D 350 Scissor Lift Trolleys. Sturdy and exceptionally individual. The technical features of the HX-series do not only convince with its effortless lifting due to the hydraulic foot-pump but also with its adjustable hydraulic valve allowing the exact controlling of the lowering speed from the steering handle. There are four different models designed for fulfilling your individual lifting needs within lifting heights of 220 up to 1000 mm. Industry can benefit from a new set safety standard! The scissors lift trolleys offers both – safe operation and reliable cost-efficiency.
Pump Action Foot Pedal & Hand Operated Release Trigger, Single & Double Scissor Options Available LiftingSafety Mobile Scissor Lift Table, Range from 150kg to 500kg, Pump Action Foot Pedal & Hand Operated Release Trigger, Single & Double Scissor Options Available
Mobile Scissor Lift Tables.

This mobile scissor lift table is designed for safety and ergonomics. Has lubrication points on all the links, with best quality poly wheels. A foldaway foot pump pedal and safety lowering valve. Available in different capacities of 150kg, 300kg, 350kg and 500kg each of which has a different lift height.

Electric Scissor Lift Table. Lift heavy loads with ease! Robust structure yet lightweight. Conforms to CE safety standard.
Specifications: Battery: 75Ah/12V, Power pack: 700W, Type: Double Scissor, Capacity: 500kg, Min. Height: 495mm, Max. Height: 1618mm,  Table size (mm): 1010 x 520, Net weight: 198kg
Mobile Scissor Lift Tables. Options on Mobile Scissor Lift Tables

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Transfer Scissor Lift Table. Specially designed to allow an operator to feed and unload parts from tote boxes or containers quickly and easily without lifting, bending, stretching, or reaching.
When in its lift and tilt position, the unti holds totes or containers at a comfortable working height and angle that allows operators to reach parts easily. Even the parts are located at the bottom of container.

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