Linesman Fall Arrest Harnesses (Electric Pylon)

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We offer a range of fall arrest harnesses specifically designed for people working on electricity pylons, commonly referred to as Linesman’s Harnesses manufactured to European standard EN360, EN358 and EN831 (all standards) A Linesman’s harness is designed to be comfortable as very often the operator is working in the harness for long periods of time. They are always certified to EN358 fitted with 2 x side ‘D’ Rings in the hip area and have a built into a work positioning belt that provides comfort when the harness is used for work positioning in conjunction with a pole strap / work positioning lanyard. We also offer Linesman’s fall arrest harnesses made to EN831 for those who need to use work position techniques (suspended rope access). EN360 and EN358 harnesses must be thoroughly examined and recertified by a competent person at periods no longer than 12 months. (This is a maximum period). EN831 harnesses are subject to LOLER and must receive a thorough examination every 6 months (6 months is a maximum period of time)

Linesman Fall Arrest Harnesses (Electric Pylon)

Designed for work in the utilities industry, on pylons where a high degree of mobility is required, ensuring high amplitude of rotation (150°).
HT Intense Harness for maintaining position at work station to EN361 & EN358. The Tractel HT Intense Harness is designed for professionals carrying out at height work on masts with positioning practices. The Intense harness is designed for the confined spaces and for all other applications (poles, scaffolding's etc). Automatic belt buckles make the Intense harness quick and easy to adjust. Features include fall prevention device fastening point, forged dorsal and sternal "D" ring, 2 stitched buckles, lateral support fastening point, 2 large six forged buckles, floating belt allowing rotation of more or less 110°, 4 adjustment points, 1 automatic buckle, padded belt and shoulder straps. Available in sizes S, M and XL.
HT transport harness for electrical pylon working. Conforms to EN358 EN361 EN831.

The Tractel HT Transport Harness is designed for interventions on pylons when working at great heights. The harness comprises a back anchorage point, a braided fabric chest anchorage point, two anchorage points on the belt and a stomach suspension point made of braided fabric. By its automatic buckles the harness is easy to fit. Available in S, M and XL.

Fall Arrest Harness with Work Positioning Belt, Fully Adjustable. Conforms to EN361 and EN358

Protecta Pro Electric Fall Arrest Harness Features include 1 x dorsal attachment 'D' ring with extension strap and 2 x front attachment loops / 2 x  positioning 'D' rings on the belt. The adjustable positioning belt has 180° rotation and automatic fastening with adjustable padded thigh straps and shoulder straps. The 'D' ring for carrying accessories. Certified to EN361 and EN358. Available in sizes M or L.

Semi Elastic Comfort Harness with 2 Anchorage Points (Front Webbing Loops & Back D-Rings). Complies to EN361and EN358. Heavy-duty 3-point harness with work positioning belt. Comfortable back-padding for supported hands-free work-positioning Rotating work-positioning belt offers excellent freedom of movement and extended reach. It has stretchable shoulder straps that move with the worker to enhance productivity through increased comfort and greater flexibility, a back pad in corduroy, easy to fit with automatic buckles. The harness conforms to EN361 and EN358. Available in size: M/L Rear, front and side anchorage (front anchorage loops)
486/523 Tower Harness with 4 Anchorage Points. Complies to EN361, EN358 and EN813 4-point harness with belt and sit harness function, high-quality, resistant webbing for increased durability, a wide and comfortable work-positioning belt prevents back injuries and promotes productivity, padded leg straps for enhanced comfort during suspension work and back and shoulder pads. The harness conforms to EN361, EN358 and EN813.
HT 110 Harness For Working on Windmill Turbine Generators and Electrical Pylons.

The HT100 harness is for working on wind turbine generators and electricity pylons. It has a forged dorsal and sternal 'D' ring and two forged 'D' ring lateral support fastening points. Five adjustment points are on the harness and they have fast buckle prone leg strap adjustment. The harness is fitted with large capacity tool holders and comes with a padded belt and shoulder straps. The harness complies with standards EN358 and EN361.

Fall Arrest Harness, Fully Adjustable. Available in Medium to XXL, Conforms to EN361 and EN1497

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