Electric Winches and Hoists, AC (Mains Powered)

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Discounts available on the vast range of mains powered electric winches and wire rope hoists which we can supply.

AC Electrically operated pulling winches and wire rope lifting hoists are for pulling and lifting materials. We at LiftingSafety offer a great range from many top lever lifting equipment manufacturers including Yale, Pfaff, Verlinde and Tractel with more manufacturers products to be added to the catalogue shortly. With electric wore ropw winches and hoists features to consider are: does the end user intending to use the wire rope winch / hoist for lifting materials or for pulling materials? If for pulling is free spooling drum required? Making it quick and easy to manually pull out the cable off the drum? What height of lift is required for the application? (or length of pull). How does the customer intend to mount the winch, floor or  wall mounted? Does the end user require corrosion resistance or made from stainless steel? An electric wire rope hoist is designed to lift a load though after risk assessment may be suited to pulling applications though an electric wire rope winch can only pull the load (Not lifting). The main reason is that the factor of safety (FOS) for lifting hoists is 5:1 and FOS for pulling winches only 3:1 FOS. Lifting with a pulling certified winch is dangerous; only use a lifting certified electric wire rope hoist for lifting materials. Please note that with pulling winches the winch may have a different maximum inline rated load / capacity dependant on the layer of wire rope sitting on the drum.

(As the wire rope stacks on the drum) The closer the wire rope is to the core of the drum the less effort is needed to turn the drum and therefore the greater the capacity the winch can pull. As the drum fills the pulling capacity decreases. Electric wire rope hoists  for Lifting materials are always rated at the worst case scenario to avoid accidental overloading of the hoist. 

Electric Winches (AC - mains powered) for Pulling, Lifting and Recovery are available in a wide range of styles and safe working loads.

You may also like to see our range of DC Battery Powered Winches or our extensive range of electric chain hoists.

If you are looking for a hoisting device which is more suited for lifting rather than a winching solution which are generally more useful in pulling applications, please see our range of electric hoists, all of which are pre-discounted to buy online, or to be added to a quotation.

An electric wire rope hoist or winch can come in a wide variety of styles, safe working loads (capacities) and can have a multitude of advantages/disadvantages over other hoisting/winching solutions. This is why there are so many listed below supplied from a choice of industrial and commercial suppliers. The range covers high end hoists and winches right down to the more commercial budget (cheaper alternative) units. However there is a downside to listing so many different choices, this is that it can become very confusing, especially if you are not sure which specific type of unit you are looking for. For this reason we would like you to know... We are here to assist you if you need any further help or advice. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any assistance.

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