Lifting Magnets, Permanent, Battery Electric and Manual

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Magnets for lifting steel and other ferrous materials, offering excellent choice from quality manufacturers.

We offer lifting magnets online as manually operated and electric powered from reliable lifting equipment and magnet equipment manufacturers like Bux, Magnetics, Eclipse magnetic, Yale, Tractel. Hand operated lever action lifting magnets are by far the most popular category within the Lifting Magnets section of our online web shop. These are permanent lifting magnets which means that they are used to lift material they are permanently switched on and cannot be de-magnetized with-out operating the magnet lever. All permanent lifting magnets have a 3:1 factor of safety (FOS) when used in accordance with the manufacturers operation and user guide. It is air gaps between the surface of the magnet that reduces the efficiency / lifting capability of a lifting magnet. Air gaps are caused by rust, paint, dirt, oil or other contamination, rough surfaces etc..... and must be taken into account before use. Eclipse uses a safety ship to assist the user to confirming that every lift still maintains the 3:1 safety factor. It works by simulating an air gap when a safety shim is used. Put the safety shim between the magnet and the equipment that need lifting then take the weight with the lifting hoist, if the load is held then when the shim is removed you will have a 3:1 safety factor.

We offer general information on the safe use of lifting magnets; always refer to the manufacturers operation and user manual for correct usage. Electric lifting magnets are supplied mains powered or batteries powered and are referred to by the lifting equipment trade as electropermanent lifting magnets meaning they are also permanent lifting magnets so will not drop the load in the event of a power failure or if the batteries run out. We also offer lifting magnet accessories, manual plate lifters and collecting magnets, please contact our sales or engineering staff if you have a query or would like a quotation.


Permanent Lifting Magnets; Mechanical (Lever) Operation (No power needed) to 5000kg

A range of permanently magnetic lifting magnets, which are designed for the lifting, handling and transportation of round or flat ferrous materials. All of these magnets are fitted as standard with a lifting eye for easy rigging purposes and capacities on offer range from 100kg all the way up to 5000kg. Each magnet has its own unique differences, which can make one more suitable for your purpose than others, like a wider surface area or elongated design for example.

Permanent Lifting Magnets; Mechanical (Lever) Operation (No power needed) to 5000kg

lifting magnet can provide a very effective method of transporting most magnetic materials from location to location, they can make the most awkward of jobs seem effortless. Online we have a selection of magnet types and capacities available which are also suitable for various material types, sizes, shapes and thicknesses.

We offer below a range of magnets for lifting, fixing, transporting and positioning, they are available in 3 main types; permanent magnetselectro-permanent magnets and battery magnets (battery powered magnets).


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