Drum Handling Equipment

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Possibly the largest range of drum handling equipment offered online - mostly at discounted prices.

LiftingSafety offer online a massive online Drum Handling Equipment category with all types of devices to assist or remove the manual handing effort required when lifting, pulling, turning (rotating right, left, front and back) or dispensing from a steel or plastic drum. To make navigation as simple as possible we have divided all the products in this category by user application, these domains are Fork lift truck mounted drum handling equipment, Hoist hook suspended drum handling equipment and manually manoeuvred drum handling equipment (pedestrian drum handling equipment) we have then slit the products onto attachments suitable for particular drum types; steel drums, “L” Ring Drums, 110 litre Fibre drums and Egg Shaped Plastic Drums. We offer drum attachments that grip around the circumference, that strap around the drum, hydraulic operated grabs, rim grip attachments or top ring connecting. All our drum handling equipment is good quality and mostly made here in the UK.


Manual Drum Handling Equipment

Manual and Hydraulic Pedestrian Manoeuvred Drum Handling Equipment.

Manual Drum Handling Equipment

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