Hydraulic Wire Rope Winches / Hoists (Lifting and Pulling)

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LiftingSafety offers in this category Hydraulic operated pulling winches and wire rope lifting hoists that are used for pulling / lifting goods and materials. We at sell Hydraulic wire rope winches and hoists from premium lifting equipment manufacturers including Ramsey, Superwinch, Pullmaster and Tractel with many more manufacturers and their products to be added to the catalogue in the near future. For Hydraulic steel wire rope winches (hoists) features to consider are:

  • Application – does the customer intend to use for lifting materials or for pulling applications? (Factor of safety (FOS) for lifting hoists is 5:1 and FOS for pulling winches only 3:1 FOS. Lifting with a pulling certified winch is dangerous)
  • Capacity for lifting – What lifting or pulling capacity do you need? Hydraulic wire rope Lifting hoists are rated at the same lifting capacity (SWL)with rope on or off the drum.
  • Capacity for pulling - Pulling winches will have a different capacity dependant on the layer of wire rope is on the drum. The closer the wire rope is to the core of the drum the greater the capacity, as the drum fills with rope the pulling capacity decreases.
  • Free spooling drum - If for pulling is free spooling drum required which is a feature that allows the user to manually pull out the cable off the drum?
  • Length of rope needed - What height of lift or length of pull is needed?
  • Fitting the winch or Hoist - How does the customer intend to fit the hydraulic winch / hydraulic hoist to the floor or wall?
  • Material finish - Does the end user requires corrosion resistance or made from stainless steel?

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Hydraulic Winches for Pulling and Recovery come in a variety of safe working loads, cable/wire rope lengths (including capstan - unlimited) and styles, online we have exampled just a few of the hydraulic hoists and winches which are available to us.

Hydraulically Powered Winches

The key feature of a hydraulic winch is the fact that is specifically designed for pulling applications only, this is the difference between a hoist and a winch, as hoists are designed for the purpose of lifting only. However some of these which we are a supplier of are also certified for lifting materials too and as a step further we also have listed below, a man-riding winch, which is also suitable for offshore usage.

Hydraulically Powered Hoists

As said above the main feature of a hoist, hydraulic or not, is the fact that they are designed to be used for lifting purposes only and not pulling applications unless stated by the manufacturer that the unit is certified and capable of doing so. If you would like any help or assistance with finding the correct hydraulic hoist or winch to suit your particular needs, or you think you may need a bespoke solution, please call us and we will do our best to assist you.

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