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Pullmaster "R5" Marine Use Hydraulic Wire Rope Winch for Lifting and Pulling Applications - up to 5000kg

Model:  MEW-1179

Guide Price £ 8029.00  

Hydraulic pulling winch specifically designed for marine environment applications. 63 metre rope length.

Features Include

  • 5000kg of line pull
  • Fast line speeds
  • Fail safe multi disc brake
  • Manual freespool clutch
  • All seals in stainless steel sleeves
  • Designed to operate in marine environment
  • Rope capacity
  • Rope secured with anchor wedge
  • 12 months warranty
  • Fitting service
  • After sales service

Specialist Recovery Winch

This machine is of the very highest quality, built to operate in a marine environment. Recommended for use when very long life and virtually no maintenance is required. Also designed for pulling and lifting, typical applications include Rescue, Military and Utility Vehicles.


  • Hydraulic Freespool Clutch
  • Electro Pneumatic Control Valve
  • Radio Control System
  • Hydraulic Oil Reservoir Tank
Marine Environment Hydraulic Winch


Performance Bare Drum Mean Drum Full Drum
Line Pull 5000kg 3500kg 2600kg
Line Speed 11 m/min 17 m/min 22 m/min
Performance based on 57 litre/min at 162 bar


WMR5 marine pulling winch dimensions

Rated Line Pull: 5000kgf at BS7901 rating for pulling 2000kgf at BS9701 rating for lifting

Line Speed: Up to 11m/min on bare drum, 22m/min on full drum

Wire Rope: 13mm diameter x 63m length

Weight with roller guides: 125kg

Drum: 127mm diameter

Freespool Clutch: Manual with remote controlled release as standard. Hydraulic clutch as an option

Braking:Fail safe multi disc brake for lifting purposes (Counter Balance Valve not required)

Seals: All in Stainless Steel Sleeves

Drum Rotation: Counter clockwise, viewed from motor end

Service Manual.pdf

Service Manual

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