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Hydraulic Two Stage Planetary Recovery Wire Rope Winch, for Pulling Applications - 3560kgf

Model:  HTSP-4867

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Hydraulic Recovery Winch. Not certified for lifting or man-riding applications. 3560kgf (kilogram-force) line pull.

Planetary hydraulic pulling winch suitable for Car and Commercial Recovery and Ideal for Slide Bed Vehicles.

Designed for foot mounting, this fast, powerful and reliable machine is fully compliant with EN 14492-1 regulations and offers the latest in two stage planetary gear design for quiet reliable operation.

NB. Main image shows winch fitted with optional guide rollers. The standard winch does NOT come fitted with guide rollers.

Product Features

  • 3560kgf line pull.
  • EN 14492-1 compliant.
  • Two stage planetary gearing.
  • Good recovery speeds 12-17.6m per minute.
  • Free spool clutch - Easy to use T-Bar handle.
  • 23m rope capacity (Based on 10mm diameter 1960N/mm2 grade 6 x 36 wire core construction).
  • Secure wire rope anchorage - Simple thread and wrap system for safe installation of wire rope.
  • Spring applied brake and motor counterbalance valve supplied as standard to provide 100% braking efficiency.
  • Heavy duty roller guide assembly with large diameter rollers.
  • These winches must not be used for the movement of personnel.
  • 5 wraps of wire rope must be maintained on the drum.
Chw9000 Recovery Pulling Winch

NOTE: An open centre motor spool type control valve must be used (all ports open to tank in neutral).

Clutch Engaged

Clutch is engaged when T-Bar

is locked down to centre position

Lift To Dis Engage

Lift to dis-engage clutch

Freespool Out

Freespool out

Freespool In

Freespool in

Non-Standard Options

  • Radio control system to give flexibility in operating the winch up to 40m distance.
  • Wire Rope 10mm diameter 1960N/mm2 grade. 6 x 36 wire core construction for maximum flexibility.
  • Hydraulic oil reservoir tank with filter sight gauge and filler cap, PTO and pump.
  • Roller Guides - Heavy duty commercial type with large diameter rollers (shown on main image).
  • Electric / pneumatic control valve with manual lever and including 7m wanderlead control, heavy duty 16 amp socket, electrical control system with all wiring in Armaflex protection also includes dump valve with emergency stop button ensuring compliance with EU machinery directives.

Dimensions and Specifications

Chw9000 Recovery Winch Dimensions

Rated Line Pull 34.9 kN (3560kgf). EN14492-1 compliant
Line Speed 12m/min at 60 l/min on bare drum
Wire Rope 23m x 10mm diameter (1960N/mm2 grade. 6 x 36 wire core construction - recommended)
Weight Weight of machine: 34kg. With roller guides and rope: 47kg
Gear Reduction 20.56:1
Gear Type Two stage planetary
Winch Construction Steel end housings with steel drum
Braking Spring applied hydraulic release disc brake and counterbalance valve providing full 100% braking
Motor Low speed, high torque
Drum 92mm diameter x 218mm length. Flange diameter 208mm
Drum Rotation Clockwise, or counter clockwise rotation as required
Freespool Clutch Lift and turn spring loaded T-Bar for freespool in or out
  1 2 3 4
Maximum Rated Line Pull by Layer 34.9kN 29.4kN 25.4kN 22.3kN
3560kgf 3000kg 2600kg 2270kg
CHW9000 Rope Capacity Cumulative by Layer* 9m 15m 25m 30m
*Line Speed at 60 l/min 12 m/min 14 m/min 16 m/min 18 m/min

* Based on recommended 10mm wire rope and 88cc / rev. motor.

Data shown is approximate and intended as a guide only.

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