Portable Shop-Floor/Workshop/Garage Cranes

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Our heavy duty engine cranes are supplied in two basic styles; as a rigid parallel leg, non Folding floor crane that have stabilizing legs that are 'Fixed'  (not hinged) forward facing and parallel to each other as opposed to the lighter duty Folding engine crane design that has 'V' shaped legs. Both are heavy duty construction for intensive industrial use and can be supplied in a modular knock down design for the ultimately portable maintenance crane. We are offering best quality portable hydraulic workshop cranes with many safety features and options to tailor to suit most environments and application, they are overload tested to 25% and are the ideal lifting solution for many applications where quality, manoeuvrability and reliability are necessary, meaning it can be trusted for lifting. Folding engine cranes are easy to move around the workshop and can be folded when not in use for easy storage. All models are also available made from stainless steel for offshore and pharmaceutical use etc, or simply for when a corrosion resistant crane is necessary.

Portable Shop-Floor/Workshop/Garage Cranes

Heavy Duty Floor Cranes. Stainless steel and electric powered lift options. Top quality made here in the UK. Completely customisable to safe working loads and sizes to suit your application. The standard range are offered up to 3000kg though we can produce up to 5000kg on request. Offered with a detachable vertical mast to make more convenient for export orders, with partially rotating vertical column (slewing jib arm) and with electric powered lifting by means of 12v DC hydraulic power pack.
Heavy Duty Folding Floor / Workshop Crane. Stainless steel option available. Top quality made here in the UK. This is a comprehensive range of heavy duty folding floor cranes designed for heavy industrial use and not to be confused with lesser quality, light duty, lifting offerings from elsewhere. All are made to order and therefore can be made to the customers specification. These cranes can also be made from stainless steel for when extra reliability and corrosion resistance is required. Often referred to as an engine crane these cranes are made to the highest quality standards and are built to last for many years of intensive use.
Parallel Leg Floor Crane With Rotating Jib Arm Changing Into a Counterbalance. Top quality made here in the UK

LiftingSafety offer this Hybrid workshop crane as a brand new product for which drawings will be issued for approval on receipt of a purchase order. The vertical jib column can be rotated through 180 degrees to create a counterbalanced floor crane. Before use as a counterbalance floor crane the weights must be fitted to give the stability required. The column will rotate up to 15 degree right or left of the centre line. The jib must never be used for lifting outside the 20 degrees of rotation in the forward or reverse positions.

Floor Crane with Detachable Legs, lifting arm and column for ease of storage and transportation. Top quality made here in the UK. This is our most portable folding floor crane; all the individual components can be easily removed. The crane can be dismantled, moved and reassembled in what may otherwise be a difficult to get to area (up a flight of stairs). Many features available to customise this crane to suit your specification.
Knock-down Fixed Leg Workshop Floor Cranes With Rigid parallel Legs. Stainless steel options. Top quality made here in the UK. This is a very heavy duty top quality floor crane that is designed to be fully dismantlable so that the individual components can be carried separately to awkward locations then easily re built. Such areas may otherwise be impossible to otherwise get to with a standard heavy duty floor crane! Completely customisable to safe working loads and sizes to suit your application. Offered with a detachable vertical mast to make more convenient for export orders. Sometimes known as an engine crane.
Transportable floor crane which fits to the trailer hitch on the back on any vehicle. Top quality made in the UK. This is our standard range of heavy duty floor / workshop cranes adapted to be pulled by a vehicle. Mainly used to transport within a works (on site) though we also supply fully road legal for towing behind a car or van on the public highway. There are two sets of wheels fitted to the rear of the crane, a small set of load bearing castors for performing the lift and a pair of road legal pneumatic tyres for towing behind a vehicle. As the crane is tilted back to put on to the tow bar the small set of castors automatically come off the floor. Optional mudguards, lighting board and jockey wheel dependant on whether the crane is going to be used on site or highway towed.
Pfaff Silberblau Silverline HWK KLS workshop crane. When adaptability is required, the HWK KLS workshop crane is the master of versatility. In both versions for either 0,5 t or 1,0 t lifting capacity, both with a parallel or V-shaped chassis, you have a device to cope with every conceivable workshop requirement. The rotatable hydraulic system provides for absolute operating convenience even in confined spaces. Moreover, the pump raises the cantilever arm to a height of 2080 mm in overdrive with just 30 pump movements. And it does all this with the utmost safety, thanks to the specially designed chassis and the parking wheel brake supplied as standard which hold the crane firmly in position.
Yale 1000kg Folding Floor / Workshop / Engine Crane. Our Yale economy folding floor cranes (engine cranes / garage crane) offer a cost effective lifting solution suitable for numerous light duty lifting applications when customers are working to a tight budget. Not to be confused with our Heavy Duty Folding Floor Cranes, these are not anywhere near the same quality of construction, we do not recommend these folding floor cranes for industrial use, DIY use only
Lightweight Aluminium Fixed Column Floor Crane with Changeable Extension Arm and Lifting Forks, and Fold Up Stabilising Legs

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