Big Bag Fork Truck Attachment

Quick Ref: CN-1154


Big Bag Bite.

The big bag bite has a safe working load of 2000kg and has a hands free clamping mechanism as the weight of the bag act as a cam and locks the bag bite onto the forks. The Bag Bite removes the hazard of standing in front of the forks when attaching the bags, this operation can also be carried out by one operator.

Fork lift truck big bag handler attachment for the handling of standard big bags.

This attachment has been specifically designed for the handling standard big bags, this forklift bag handler allows bags to be lifted by the loops. The loops are located in claws set on each corner enabling quick and easy loading, unloading and transportation of big bags. The big bag handler is secured on to the forks of the truck using heel pins.

Big Bag Tines.

This is designed for handling standard big bags, this carriage mounted attachment gives increased lift height, the tines being set at the top of the carriage plate. The bags are picked up by pushing a tine through the loops on each corner of the bag. Handle stops prevent the bag from moving forwards during transportation.

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