Fall Arrest Lanyards - Twin Leg 100% tie-off

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Twin Leg Lanyards from Various Manufacturers, Priced Competitively and available for On-Line Sale

Here we offer twin leg fall arrest lanyards which provide a 2 leg connect between the worker at height and the EN795 anchorage point. In the unfortunate event of a fall the lanyard will arrest the fall and absorb the majority of the shock forces created, reducing the loading on the person / anchorage point to below 6Kn. The main feature of this type of lanyard is that the lanyard can be connected by at least 1 leg 100% of the time and the person working at height moves around the hazardous working area; this is why the twin leg fall arrest lanyard is referred to as 100% tie off! Double leg fall arrest lanyards in this category are supplied from quality height safety manufactures including: Miller, Sala, Ridgegear, Protecta, Yale and Tractel with even more to be added in the near future. 2 leg fall arrest lanyards are offered made from different materials, webbing lanyards, rope lanyards and elasticated fall arrest lanyards (a safety feature). We offer tie back lanyards and lanyards that are length adjustable. LiftingSafety standards shock absorbing lanyards come in many lengths up to the max allowable length of a fall arrest lanyard which is 2 metre and with a great choice of end carabiner connectors including snap hooks and scaffold hook.

Twin leg forked fall arrest lanyards offer '100% Tie Off', this being the ability for the person working at height to remain constantly connected to an anchorage.

  • Most commonly used by scaffolders when erecting or dismantling a scaffold or scaffold tower, also when climbing a fixed ladder.
  • Click on to a product to be offered 'optional lengths' and different ‘karabiner’ types; i.e. scaffold hook, snap hook, screw gate etc...

  • As with all fall arrest lanyards be aware of potential fall distance! Following a fall, the Fall Arrest Lanyard will expand by up to 1.75 metres in length to absorb the shock load – make sure you have adequate clear fall distance.
  • We offer two different styles of fall arrest lanyard made from Polyester webbing and from rope.
  • Specialist double leg fall arrest lanyards are available with ‘sharp edge test’ certification for horizontal use and with 'Tie Back' loops.

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