Light Weight Aluminium Lifting Gantries

Quick Ref: CN-512
Very competitively priced mobile aluminium gantries to suit multiple applications. Options available for adjustable heights and spans.

Aluminium lifting gantries provide a lightweight and portable lifting equipment solution. All are Lightweight alloy lifting gantries are height adjustable and some width adjustable. The key features are the light weight design and modular construction allowing the gantry to easily be assembled in difficult to access locations. We offer a massive range in our online catalogue from many top quality manufacturers meaning that there is usually a standard gantry that will suit your application; we offer many different height and width options and capacities up to 5 tonne (5000kg). All the aluminium lifting gantries can be supplied with lifting equipment, hoists, trolleys and power supply systems. We can design and supply bespoke alloy lifting gantries to our customers specification. Please contact us for a quotation.

All our Aluminium Gantry cranes are a modular (Knock-down) design and therefore a very portable piece of lifting equipment. Most of the gantries are fully height adjustable and some are width adjustable with may optional extra available request. We offer many different designs though the ones in this category are supplied without castors. Castors are not suitable for many gantry designs and therefore may be unsuitable for many applications from a safety point of view. All gantries can be made to customers dimensions and so please contact us if you do not see ta gantry that suits your application.

Aluminium Mobile Gantry Systems without Castors (Not Movable Under Load)

We also sell lightweight aluminium lifting gantries complete with castors (wheels). Some designs are suitable for moving the gantry wit-out the load applied and others are potentially movable under load. There are many factors to take onto account before the employer / user decides to use a gantry under load (with the load applied to the lifting beam) To help decide if a gantry / application is going to be suitable please see the “Moving Under Load” tab on each product.

Aluminium Lifting Gantry Systems with Castors (Potentially Movable Under Load)

In this category we offer light weight portable aluminium ‘A’ Frame lifting gantries complete with a folding or split top beam. The horizontal overhead lifting beam splits into two pieces so that is can easily be transported between locations; this makes moving the gantry on site much easier though more importantly the top beam is then short enough to fit into a van for transportation between jobs. All are height adjustable and once again we can supply specials to our customer’s specification

Aluminium Lifting Gantry Systems with Split / Folding Top Beam

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