Fall Arrest Karabiners & Connectors for Man-riding, Rescue and Restraint

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Karabiners for nearly every application, from many of the worlds leading manufacturers of safety equipment, all discounted for on-line purchase.

Fall arrest Karabiners are also known as connecting links, carabiners, mallions, scaffold hooks, scaff hooks, rebar hook, snap hooks, fall arrest hooks, oval links and delta links (and probably more). Carabiners must be double action opening for the gate to open. This is a safety prerequisite; the reason is to prevent the karabiner from being accidently opened. We offer many different sizes and shapes from all the quality height safety manufacturers (Miller, Sala, Protecta and Ridgegear) and made from different materials such as stainless steel, aluminium and corrosion resistant steel. With this great selection and our web sites great navigation aids our customer’s should easily find a karabiner suitable for their working at height scenario.

Karabiners (Carabiners) are a category of connecting links otherwise known as are also known as Mallions, scaffold hooks, (scaff hooks & rebar hook), snap hooks, oval links or delta links.

Because we sell so many different types, shapes and sizes of height safety karabiners we have needed to sub divide them by material of manufacture and by maker. This means our customers will be able to identify and compare products to be able to make an informed choice by type and cost. Hopefully you will be able to identify a Karabiner to meet your requirements, but please contact us if you need any assistance. 

Small/Standard Steel Karabiner Connectors

LiftingSafety offers a range of aluminium karabiners from quality height safety equipment manufacturers including Sala, Protecta, Ridgegear and many more. We offer alloy carabiners of all types including screw gate and twistlock, scaffold hooks and snap hooks. All our karabiners are a minimum of 2 actions for opening and closing though some a triple action karabiners. 

Small/Standard Aluminium Karabiner Connectors

This category is populated with large karabiners with wide opening gates. Most people refer to them as scaffold hooks though in actual fact they are very popular across all industry sectors. We offer different sizes from many top height safety equipment manufacturers made from durable steel or lightweight aluminium. Having a large connector gate means that the karabiner can be connected to more anchorage points, like a hand rail or steel sections. 

Scaffold Hooks & Wide Jaw Karabiners

Snap hooks are available with a swivel or fixed eye. They are very similar to the scaffold hooks though they are smaller size and are made from plated steel or aluminium.

Snap Hook Connectors, Alloy & Steel Carabiners

Delta, Oval and D Links are semi-permanent connector available in different sizes, shapes and strengths dependant on the customers' requirements. They are made from galvanised steel or from stainless steel and provide a semi-permanent connector for height safety equipment. Quick links tend to be used to connect two items on a more permanent basis than normal karabiners, for example when a lanyard is to be left connected to a harness rather than taken off after each use. 

Semi-permanent Connectors / carabiners. Oval & Delta Links

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