Automatic Descender Blocks EN360 and/or EN341

Quick Ref: CN-1091
A small range of fall arrest blocks and automatic decent devices with various styles, lengths and capabilities.

LiftingSafety offer in this category auto descender blocks. They look very similar to fall arrest inertia reels though operate quite differently. The primary function of an auto descender is for self-evacuation in the event of an emergency situation (in accordance with EN341). A typical application may be that the block is attached to an anchorage point above the vertical escape route; then the bottom Karabiner of the block is connected the person needed to evacuate. The person then literally lets themselves over the edge and the descender automatically lowers them to the floor. We also offer Auto descenders that have built in fall arrest function to EN360. In this case the block will arrest a fall then automatically lower the casualty to the floor – a self-rescue plan. The Sala RSQ range is even more specialized as this range of sealed descenders can perform all of the above functions though also have an option complete with an integrated rescue winch to EN1497. This is a technical and expensive product range so please feel free to contact our sales or technical team for any assistance needed. 

In the event of a fall these blocks will arrest the fall and then automatically descend (lower) the casualty to the ground or auto descend the fallen casualty to the floor with a built in back-up brake. Thus providing a fall arrest and rescue plan.

  • This fall arrestor will auto descend a fallen casualty from a maximum height of 33 metres depending on the model chosen.
  • The Fall Arrest Block with Auto-Descender eliminates the possibility of ‘suspension trauma’ as the casualty will not be suspended. This product must not be used in the horizontal position.

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