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We offer excellent choice of quality products for load weighing equipment (load cells) at realistic prices.

Industrial load cells are a safety product used by all industries to show the weight that the weight of the equipment suspended underneath it, they incorporate a strain gauge to measure the force needed to cause mechanical deformation of the load pin. Load cells are most commonly attached to a lifting equipment hoist to ensure that the crane is not overloaded. When a crane weigher / load cell us used attached to a hook the operator can clearly see as the load is being applied to the hoist; as the operator inches the lift the weight taken being taken by the  increases until the load is fully suspended. At any point at the load increases if the operator observes an overload they can reverse the lift. A load indicator is also known as a load cell or a crane weigher. LiftingSafety offer online three main categories; Crane Weighers to a maximum capacity of 35 tonne which have a master ring and a swivel hook built in to the body of the cell, the master ring connects to the hoisting hook and the swivel hook to the load. The Crane weigher permanently displays the load in a large LED or LCD onboard display. These are normally left semi permanently on the crane hook rather than used as / when needed. The next category is eye / eye digital load cells which can be supplied to 300 tonne with IP protection to IP66 and suitable for heavy industrial and offshore use with display options, on board display, cable with handset and radio remote control. Finally we offer special application load cells for example load shackles, load pins, compressive load cells and mechanical load clocks. Technically a load cell is a transducer used to convert a force to an electrical signal by the force deforming a strain gauge which measures the deformation electrically.


Digital Load Indicator and Load Cells 20kg - 300 Tonnes

Load indicators from multiple suppliers at discounted prices

Digital Load Indicator and Load Cells 20kg - 300 Tonnes

Crane Weighers and Load Indicators 1 - 35 tonnes

We offer a number of competitively priced Yale crane weigher load cells. Bulk order discounts available, ask for details.

Crane Weighers and Load Indicators 1 - 35 tonnes

Load Indicators - Specials

Unique products which incorporate a load indicator.

Load Indicators - Specials

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