Pneumatic Wire Rope Air Winches / Hoists (Lifting and Pulling)

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Pneumatic (Compressed air) operated wire rope hoists and Pneumatic winches that are used for pulling lift hold and tension loads. LiftingSafety’s compressed are steel wire rope pull winches and lifting hoists from premium lifting equipment manufacturers, Yale Ramsey, Pullmaster, Pullmaster and Tractel and more to be added in the near future (we are constantly being approached by other manufacturers to advertise their products online). For Pneumatic steel wire rope winches and Pneumatic lifting hoists the following should be considered when choosing a product to suit your application. Does the customer intend to use the machine for lifting materials or for pulling goods? The Factor of safety for lifting requirements is 5:1 though FOS for pulling is only 3:1 FOS and therefore it is dangerous to us a pulling winches cannot be used for lifting applications. What lifting or pulling capacity is needed? For pulling application the rated load is known as the capacity and for lifting application the Pneumatic wire rope hoists have a safe working load (SWL). Compressed air wire rope Lifting hoists are rated at a maximum lifting capacity (SWL) regardless of whether all the rope spooled on or fully discharged off the drum whereas Pneumatic pulling winches will have a different capacity dependant on the layer of wire rope is on the drum.


Hadef Pneumatic Wire Rope Lifting & Pulling, Winches & Hoists

Hadef Pneumatic Wire Rope Lifting & Pulling, Winches & Hoists

Hadef Pneumatic Wire Rope Lifting & Pulling, Winches & Hoists

The less length of rope on the drum the greater the capacity though as the drum is spooled with more rope with pulling capacity decreases; the reason being that the rope is getting further away from the centre of the drum (like a cantilever action). Free spooling drums disengage the gears and allow the user to manually pull out the cable off the drum, they can only be fitted to a winch (pulling) as it would be dangerous to use on a hoist (lifting). Length of rope needed - What height of lift or length of pull is needed? Does the customer need a floor or wall mounted machine, we also offer corrosion resistant as galvanized steel or stainless steel? 

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