Hand Operated Wire Rope Winches and Hoists

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A comprehensive range of manual winches and hand hoists from various manufacturers, all available with a competitive price!

Manually operated Hand winches and hand operated wire rope hoists are cost effective ways to pull and lift a load. We at LiftingSafety offer a great range from many top lever lifting equipment manufacturers including Yale, Pfaff, Verlinde, Tractel and many more to be added shortly.

The main features to consider when ordering on products contained in this category are as follows. Are you intending to use the wire rope winch/hoist for lifting materials or for pulling applications? If for pulling do you need free spool, a free spooling drum for quick extension of the cable? What height of lift do you need? (Length of wire rope needed when at maximum extension). How do you intend to mount the hand operated winch, floor mounted, wall mounted or as a portable wore rope hoist? When fitting, consider the handle position on the winch to ensure that it will be operable in the area to be installed and not interfere. What environment is it to be used in, do you need corrosion resistance or made from stainless steel.

A wire rope hand operated hoist is designed to primarily lift a load though it is also safe for a hoist to pull a load whereas a hand operated wire rope winch can only pull a load and never be used to lift a load. The main reason being that the factor of safety (FOS) for both types is different, for lifting the FOS is 5:1 whereas with pulling winches only 3:1 FOS is required.

The capacity (SWL - Safe working load) of any hand winch may vary throughout the range and may be dependent on the amount of rope left on the drum while in use; they are all supplied with galvanised cable or in stainless steel wire rope for harsh conditions such as offshore.

The range of wire rope hand winches that we sell is far greater than we presently offer online so if you are unsure or cannot find a suitable winch for your application, please do not hesitate to contact our team for more information, advice or for a quote.

Online we have an extensive winch range supplied by one of the following high quality manufacturers: Yale; Morris; Pfaff; Verlinde or Tractel, however we can source and supply just about any brand of winch on the market and if we cannot, we can always find a suitable alternative to suit your needs and meet your desired specifications.

Hand winches are a manual operation winch and can be supplied certified for lifting material or for pulling equipment.

Important: A hand powered manually operated lifting winch (hoist) which is designed for raising and lowering materials is not certified for man riding, carrying people, transporting people or for rescue from height. Please see our height safety category or contact our technical staff for information, advice or to purchase a man-riding winch.

We are a supplier of winches which are generally more suited to industrial use or heavy duty and demanding applications; which with the majority of the hand winches available here will hold the load if the user needs to take a rest, these mainly spur gear winches or worm gear winches.

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