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Gebuwin Winch Power Tool

Model:  GWPT-4757

Em5000 Winch Power Tool
Am5000 Winch Power Tool
EM5000 Electric Power Tool AM5000 Pneumatic Power Tool




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Pneumatic (air) or Electric (230v 1ph) Powered Drive Tool for use with Gebuwin Hand Winches

This pneumatic auxiliary motor and electrical auxiliary motors are intended as an alternative to the manual drive and are only used for brief and non-frequent usage. The combination of manual winch and electrical or pneumatic auxiliary motor is not an alternative to an electrical driven winch.

  • Robust slow speed drive units.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Reversible rotation.
  • Suitable for use on the following models: WW1000, 1500, 2000, 3000, 4000, 5000 and 7500.
  • Able to serve various winches on one plant because of a swift and easy connection system.

AM5000 Pneumatic Power Tool

  • Air motor.
  • includes filter and hose fitting.
  • Painted air motor and zinc plated adapter system.

EM5000 Electric Power Tool

  • Electric drill motor 230V-50Hz.
  • Metal gear head with MT4 holder.
  • Including zinc plated winch adapter, additional handle, drift key, suspension eyelet.
Winch Winding Tool

Technical Specifications

Model AM5000 EM5000
Power 1200W 900W
Air pressure Max. 6-8 Bar -
Voltage – frequency - 230V-50Hz
Free Speed 140rpm 100rpm
Speed at max. power (torque) 60rpm (60-90 Nm) 60rpm (50-70 Nm)
Dimensions L x H x B (mm) 545 x 76 x 277 510 x 530 x 150
Weight 5kg 13kg
Air Consumption at max. power 2100 l/min -
Min fitting / hose dia. (inside) 10,4/15mm -
Cable length with plug (m) - 2.5m

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