Cable Pullers / Hoists, Wire Rope Manual Operation

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Wire rope cable pulling machines including the well known and high quality Tirfor from Tractel along with other cheaper alternatives also available.

In this category we offer manually operated cable pullers which cable pulling machines that are also used to tension and hold a load. We also offer manual cable hoists, hand operated machines certified to lift a load. Lifting machined can also be used for pilling application though pulling machines cannot be used to lift with as they do not have an adequate safety factor. All lifting equipment has a design factor of safety which represents a minimum multiple of the rated capacity that the machine must be able to hold before ultimate failure. The factor of safety for pulling is only 3:1 when 5:1 is needed for lifting applications! In this category the Tirfor by Tractel is by far the most popular item of lifting equipment. Tractel offer a great range of Tirfors and are generally accepted in the lifting gear industry as being the best. We also offer other manufacturers with cheaper alternatives from Yale, Pfaff and Ingersoll Rand as we believe that it is important we offer other manufacturers products so that we have an option to suit all our customers budgets. We offer safe working loads of 300kg to 6400kg lifting tonne capacity. Pulling capacities are potentially much greater though and are dependent on many factors, for example; friction resistance, incline, rolling load etc. For example a 3.2 tonne Tirfor may be able to pull a 100 tonne train on rails when flat and level, put the same train in a 2% incline and a much greater capacity is needed.

General Information About Tirfors and Manual/Hydraulic Cable Pullers

Tirfors are the most common cable pulling machine that we sell, also known as a wire rope puller the Tirfor (or alternative) can use any length of wire rope. (Usually 20 metre) A Tirfor is also certified for lifting and they work by the rope passing through the lifting / pulling machine rather than being wound onto a drum.

  • Tractel Tirfor machines are generally accepted in the lifting equipment industry as being the best, they are the original and since their introduction many lifting gear manufacturers have produced there alternative product. A more competitively priced (yet still good quality) unit would be the Yale yaletrac range of cable pullers; we also offer a value range to try ensure there is an option to suit your application and budget. We offer safe working loads of 800kg to 3200kg lifting capacity, pulling capacities are potentially much greater though this is dependant on many factors for example; friction resistance, rolling load etc. All cable pullers are supplied with individual certification.
  • Also available are hydraulic Tirfors and our own range of hydraulic cable pullers with a unique capacity of 6 tonne and 12 tonnes safe working load (SWL) (up to 24 tonne when deflected over a pulley) which can be supplied spark resistant and with a choice of power packs. Pneumatic Tirfor Cable Pulling Machines are available up to 6 tonne capacity.
  • In this category you will have seen that there are lifting and pulling machines that do not rely on a drum as part of the machine to store the wire rope. The main advantage of this would be that there is no restriction on the height of lift / length of pull. All of the items listed below can be manually operated though some can also be used with a power-pack, electric, petrol etc..

Click here Information on the safe use of cable pulling machines.

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