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Tractel "TU" Tirfor Cable Puller, Wire Rope Hoist for Lifting and Pulling Applications - Range from 800kg to 3200kg (Lifting Capacity)

Model:  Tractel TU / TTCP-188

Wire Rope Options C8
Length Required

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Tirfor TU Series with Aluminium body top of the range Heavy Duty design.

The genuine Tirfor machine for all lifting and pulling applications, where only the best will do.

  • TU8 - 800kg lifting
  • TU16 - 1600kg lifting
  • TU32 - 3200kg lifting
  • Ropes come complete with Safety Hook

The principle may be described as ‘hand-to-hand’, like a sailor pulling on a rope. While one hand pulls the other changes position to pull in turn. The two hands represent the 2 jaws of the TIRFOR. They grip the wire rope without damaging it, and alternately pull it forward during the operation and hold it during reverse operation. The effort is transferred to the jaws by two levers, one for forward operation and the other for reverse operation. The load is held securely at all times.

Click the links to be re-directed to Tractel Maxiflex Wire Ropes for Use with Tractel Tirfor™ & Jockey™ & Tractel Accessories for Use with Tractel Lifting and Pulling Machines.

Technical Specification

Tirfor TU Cable Puller
Model Weight (kg) Dimensions (mm) Wire Rope
Machine Only OP Handle

Wire Rope 20m**

Machine Handle extended / closed Diameter (mm) Break Strain (kg)
TU-8 8.4 0.8 7 528 x 284 x 113 730 / 450 8.3 4800
TU-16 18 2 13 660 x 360 x 145 1147 / 648 11.5 8145
TU-32 27 2 23 685 x 365 x 156 1147 / 648 16.3 16800
 Tu8 800kg Lifting  Tu16  1600kg Lifting Tu32 3200kg Lifting

Complete TIRFOR Brochure

Further information on all the Tractel Tirfor range.
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Comparison for Lifting and Pulling.pdf

WLL Comparison for LIFTING and PULLING Operations

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