Tractel Wire Rope Cable Pullers and Lifting Hoists, Manual Operation

Quick Ref: CN-1731


Jockey winches are portable manual lifting and pulling hoists with Infinite HOL (Rope length)

They are light-weight and easy to carry. The winch can be installed quickly and is therefore suitable for occasional use; it is operated by a lever. Option: the load capacity of the device can be increased with sheave blocks.

Available in 300kg or 500kg capacities.

Tirfor TU Series with Aluminium body top of the range Heavy Duty design.

The genuine Tirfor machine for all lifting and pulling applications, where only the best will do. All TU series Tirfors can be used with an unlimited length of wire rope. Operates by hand-over-hand principle. The two hands represent the 2 jaws of the machine. They grip the wire rope without damaging it, and alternately pull it forward during the operation and hold it during reverse operation. The effort is transferred to the jaws by two levers, one for forward operation and the other for reverse operation. The load is held securely at all times.

Available in 800kg, 1600kg and 3200kg capacities.

Tirfor Heavy Duty Galvanised Steel Body Cable Pulling / Lifting Machine.

Tirfor T500 Series Manual Cable Pullers offer three options, very similar to the Tractel TU range of cable pulling and lifting machines. These are the genuine Tirfor machines for all lifting and pulling applications.  A telescopic operating handle is included in the price and a length of wire rope is supplied to suit your application. These are the best made pulling/positioning machine used in mechanical engineering, forestry, construction, mining and many other industries.

Available in 800kg, 1600kg and 3200kg capacities.

Manual cable hoist for lifting persons. Models TU6P TU12P TU24P Tractel Manriding Tirfor cable hoist certified for lifting people. This range of man-riding certified Tirfors are available in three different sizes, 600kg, 1200kg and 2400kg capacity. The capacity selected will be to suit the lifting platform in which they are to be used and the number of people/tools and equipment to be lifted. These 'Man-riding' lifting machines must be used with a secondary safety device such as the Blockstop fall arrest device to be fitted to a separate/independent rope; thus providing a fall arrest plan. Consideration must also be made to have a rescue plan in place.

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