Forklift Truck Attachments

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A huge range of forklift truck attachments, forklift accessories and forklift fittings to ensure you get the most from your fork truck and at the best price possible.

Fork lift attachments are an item of lifting equipment accessories used in conjunction with a fork lift truck to lift, carry, crane, push, pull, hold, dispense, rotate and clamp equipment to improve efficiency and assist or remove the manual handling effort of the user. There are many items in many categories including roll forward skips, drum handling equipment, fork truck mounted lifting jibs, booms and tines, fork extensions, scoops and snow ploughs. We also offer a great selection man riding basket (fork truck man access baskets) s used to gain access to areas, working at height. Most of the attachments we offer are manufactured in the UK by a factory with over 40 years of experience. We offer special and bespoke fork truck attachments and offer full technical assistance with expert In-House manufacturing at hand. 

A Fork Truck Attachment can come in many different shapes, sizes and capacities, all of the fork lift attachments on lifting safety add usability, versatility and practicability to a forklift truck, making your forklift a very useful piece of machinery in the workplace. All of the attachments which we supply are quality units and are manufactured to a high standard by a quality supplier/manufacturer.

At SELS we can design and manufacture bespoke or custom fork lift truck attachments, if you would like help with anything please contact our office, where we will be glad to assist you in any way we can.

Forklift Truck Attachments

Fork Mounted Man Riding Baskets

Fork lift truck mounted man-riding and access platforms are used for the lifting of a person or persons up to a raised working area where it may not be practical or suitable to use a ladder or cherry picker. All of are man-riding baskets are also load rated which means they can also be used for the transportation and/or raising of a materials load to the required working area. When working at height using a man-riding basket it is required that all persons in the access platform have adequate fall protection equipment as part of the working at height regulations.

Environment & Waste Handling Attachments

A range of fork-lift truck attachments for the handling of waste products, for general site waste such as rubble or wood, basically anything which could be regarded as a waste product can be handled by one of our roll forward skips. The range also includes a choice of bin-type stillages which empty at the base rather than tipping the load, wheelie bin handling attachments are also listed here. There are also semi-stainless and completely stainless steel skips available which have been primarily designed for use in the food industry, where cleanliness and possibly liquids may be involved.

Fork Lift Truck Mounted Drum Handling Attachments

A drum attachment can prove a very handy piece of equipment for any forklift truck when the transportation of drums is a frequent and/or important occurrence and you have a fork lift available. All drum attachments simply slide on to the fork truck tine where they are fixed by some kind of bolting mechanism, they are available to transport and/or tilt and empty a drum. There are 4 main different sizes of drum and there are a wide variety of drum attachments to suit all sizes. Some of the drum attachments listed below can be carriage mounted or crane slung, carriage mounted means that it takes the place of the fork tines on the fork truck and crane slung means that it can be lifted from the top with the use of a hook and a lifting device i.e. a crane or a fork truck with a lifting hook.

Fork Mounted Jib and Hook Attachments

A fork mounted jib or hook is generally used when it is required to lift the load from the top rather than lifting from below the load, for example where the fork times cannot fit under the load. There are a wide range of jibs and hooks available from low profile to high profile which are useful if you need to lift that little bit higher, also available are telescopic and extendable fork mounted jibs which can add extra reach when needed and be compacted/retracted when not, saving storage space. Our jibs are available as carriage mounted or fork mounted dependant on the lifting application which you require the jib for. Single tine hooks maybe also be a very useful piece of kit which can slide and lock onto a fork tine turning it into a lifting hook, which is easily removed when not needed.

Stainless Steel Forklift Attachments

A stainless steel fork truck attachment is generally and most often required for the food or chemicals industry where things like corrosion or hazardous liquids may cause and issue. Stainless steel attachments are also often required when cleanliness is an issue, this is quite often the food industry where stainless steel is required because of the easy cleaning and none staining attributes of the stainless steel.

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