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"Four Fork"Fork Truck Attachment. Adjustable Tines (Variable Width) Made to Customers Specification

Model:  FFA-626

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Four Tine Fork Lift Truck Attachment - with Adjustble Lateral Tines


Part N° SWL(kg) Width of Attachment(mm) Guide Price Quantity
626-T23068 1000 2500 Quote Required
626-T23069 1000 3000 Quote Required
626-T23070 1000 3500 Quote Required
626-T23071 1000 4000 Quote Required
626-T23072 1000 5000 Quote Required
626-T23073 2000 2500 Quote Required
626-T23074 2000 3000 Quote Required
626-T23075 2000 3500 Quote Required
626-T23076 2000 4000 Quote Required
626-T23077 2000 5000 Quote Required
626-T23078 3000 2500 Quote Required
626-T23079 3000 3000 Quote Required
626-T23080 3000 3500 Quote Required
626-T23081 3000 4000 Quote Required
626-T23082 3000 5000 Quote Required
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Four Fork Attachment.

Designed for when handling extra wide pallets or long products such as steel or plastic pipes, steel flats, plastic extrusions or timber.

The added benefit of the adjustable wide load stabilisers is that the two outer forks can be laterally adjusted, ideal for where pallet widths vary or where the pallet bearer position varies substantially.

The forklift forks slide into the inner fork sleeves of the wide load stabiliser attachment, whilst the adjustable outer forks support and balance the load. Risk of product damage can also be reduced.

  • Width Options upto 5m
  • Sleeve Length Options upto 2m
  • Max. fork size 140 x 50mm
  • Outer forks laterally adjustable to allow greater flexibility when handling loads of different widths.
  • Four forks allow wide loads to be supported safely whilst helping to reduce product damage.
  • Heavy duty fork sleeves offering long service life properties.
  • Heavy duty cross beam ensures rigidity of the attachment.
  • Heel pin retention for safely securing the attachment to the forklift truck forks.
  • Finished in safety yellow gloss finish to ensure visibility when fitted to the lift truck.
  • 'CE' marked.
Four Fork Lift Truck Attachment


Part N° SWL(kg) Width of Attachment(mm)
626-T23068 1000 2500
626-T23069 1000 3000
626-T23070 1000 3500
626-T23071 1000 4000
626-T23072 1000 5000
626-T23073 2000 2500
626-T23074 2000 3000
626-T23075 2000 3500
626-T23076 2000 4000
626-T23077 2000 5000
626-T23078 3000 2500
626-T23079 3000 3000
626-T23080 3000 3500
626-T23081 3000 4000
626-T23082 3000 5000

*Custom Widths Available

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