Mechanical Lifting Jacks (Not Hydraulic), options to Lift from the Head and Toe

Quick Ref: CN-1377

Mechanical jacks do not use hydraulics to lift the load, they use mechanics. examples are; Rack and Pinion, Ratchet jacks, Lifting Screw Jacks, Journal Jacks, Rack Jacks,Work gear Jacks, Spindle Support Jacks and Sluice gate Jacks, and of course all these jacks serve a different purpose, further technical details are available by clicking 'More Information' button. We offer a good range of capacities sizes and heights though if you are unsure about the most suitable jack simple contact our technical team for assistance.

Mechanical Lifting Jacks (Not Hydraulic), options to Lift from the Head and Toe

Yale Taurus Mechanical Ratchet Jack - 10,000kg on Head, 5000kg on Toe. A quality product manufactured by Yale and brought to the market by LiftingSafety. Yale SJ Mechanical Steel Jacks - Range from 1500kg to 10,000kg and can basically be used to lift almost all kinds of loads in maintenance and repair, ship building, construction as well as agriculture to name a few.  We also offer from Yale Hi-Lift All Cast Jacks (farm jacks or 4x4 Jacks) with max lift heights available at 981mm and 1263mm

Pfaff SYW-F Steel Jacks (Fixed Lifting Claw) - Range from 1500kg to 10,000kg and are a quality steel jacks with fixed lifting claw. used for lifting all types of loads across varying of industry sectors. Pfaff also offer a range of heavy duty cable drum jacks to 10tonne and Steel Jacks with an adjustable lifting claw. With Pfaff reliability and long service life can be guaranteed by the  high-quality manufacturing process.

The Tractel TOP Toe Jack BT Range from 1500kg to 10000kg for handling of heavy loads with up to 400 mm lift. Robust and maintenance free, this type of jack is fully adapted to be used on worksite. The gear wheels, the pinions and the rack are made of heat treated steel and the folding handle of the crank reduces the overall dimension of the jack during transport.

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