Compressed Air Hoist, Pneumatic Chain Hoists

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We offer a good range of pneumatic air hoists on-line mostly priced though all are from reputable, quality manufacturers.

Pneumatic chain hoists or otherwise known as air hoists are very similar in features to an electric chain hoist except the hoist is powered by a compressed air feed as opposed to being restricted by the need for a suitable electric power supply. One of the main advantages of the air hoist is that they are 100% duty cycle; effectively what this means is that the pneumatic lifting chain hoists are suitable for constant use such as in a production environments, it also means that they are suitable for particularly long lifts where an electric motor would overheat. Compressed air chain hoists have variable lifting speed, the further the user presses the button the more air passed by the valve and the faster the hoist will raise or lower. They can be controlled by push button pendant or for longer heights of lift by cord control. (This is a rope that connects to a bracket on a hoist valve attached to the body of the pneumatic hoist) Because there is no electric power source air hoists are also more suitable for use in potentially explosive areas where a spark can cause an explosion. They are a more cost effective solution when Atex certification is needed, far cheaper than the equivalent electric Atex hoist and are more suited to applications in harsh environments which is why they are the hoist of preference in the off shore oil and gas producing and maintenance sectors. As with other lifting chain hoist the Pneumatic hoists supplied by LiftingSafety are all from top quality manufacturers; these include Yale, JDN, Ingersoll Rand, Atlas Copco and JD Neuhaus. We also offer hydraulic subsea hoists designed to be operated under water.

Compressed Air Hoist, Pneumatic Chain Hoists

Yale Air hoists / Pneumatic chain hoists

Yale pneumatic chain hoists are available to buy online in two ranges, as standard compressed air hoists and with Atex certification in capacities from 250kg up to 10 tonne SWL. Yale Air hoists come as standard with chain collector bag for up to 8 metre lift and single fall load chain, 3 metre lift height and Pendant control supplied as standard. Yale Pneumatic Lifting hoists excel through their extremely quiet operation and robust aluminium housing, they are low and easy maintenance due to reduced number of components. On account of its compact, lightweight design and low headroom the 125 - 990kg units are very handy and easy to carry. Fitted wait an emergency stop the maximum control drop is 6 metres (maximum pendant length) or unlimited control length when cord control. The minimum radius is 2 metre when fitted with range 'A' trolley (98 - 180mm) and Minimum 1.8 metre radius when fitted with range 'B' trolley (180-300mm)Yale are a quality German Owned lifting equipment manufacturer, they have an excellent professional reputation and can often modify their lifting hoists to suit the customers application and environment. Yale pneumatic hoists can be chained to suit our customer’s height of lift and can be supplied hook suspended or mounted onto a trolley, push, geared or pneumatic powered.

JDN Air Hoists / Pneumatic Chain Hoists

Through JDN (JD Neuhaus) we at LiftingSafety offer in our online catalogue a very comprehensive range of pneumatic chain hoists to suit many different lifting equipment applications. We offer the following suspension / mounting options:  top hook suspended, for traversing loads on a monorail runway beam there are different trolleys to meet demands; push travel, geared travel and pneumatic travel monorail trolley. We also offer JDN high capacity and low head room compressed air hoists for special application where there is insufficient height clearance under the monorail lifting beam. Other specialist pneumatic chain hoists manufactured by JDN include Atex specification hoists and subsea Pneumatic hoists. JDN Air Hoists are very robust and suitable for tough industrial applications even in continuous working and according the customers requirement there are various control systems including pendant and cord control. Standard Features are suitable for application in hazardous areas, sensitive infinitely variable speed control for the precise positioning of loads, easy operation and suitable for lube-free operation making the hoists low maintenance, insensitive to dust, humidity and temperatures ranging from -20 °C up to +70 °C. Fail-safe starting conditions, low maintenance vane motor. Please contact our sales team if you have an air hoist enquiry and we will offer a competitive quote.

Ingersoll Rand Compressed Air Hoists, Pneumatic Chain Hoists

Ingersoll Rand Pneumatic chain hoists have an excellent reputation for quantity. The PALAIR® PLUS hoists are powered by a recently upgraded, unique, non-metallic, gear motor. This motor is renowned for its durability when Woking with "poor" air in unfavourable conditions. The hoists are light weight and compact in design. They feature precise load positioning through a "progressive" pendent control. For Europe, they meet the requirements of the European Machinery Directive and are marked CE, range from 250kg to 2000kg. The Ingersoll Rand Lift chain air hoist range is all steel construct ion for better durability and particularly adapted for difficult environments with them being insensitive to dust and humidity & 100% duty cycle... they are fitted with grade 80 calibrated load chains which are corrosion resistant treated. The Ingersoll Rand MLK series pneumatic chain hoists have many interchangeable parts. With high speeds and precise spotting, these hoists are ideal for high production use. Both spark resistant, designated with a KR suffix, and slow speed precision spotting models, designated with a KS suffix, are offered. MLK series hoists come complete with 3 metre height if lift load chain and either 2 feet of pendant control or 6 feet of pull chain control.

Lifting Safety Compressed Air Hoists, Pneumatic Chain Hoists

LiftingSafetys' pneumatic tube hoist is a wire rope lifting hoist that allows the user to use the tube of the hoist to connect to anchorage point above the item to be lifted with the rigid tube elevating the need to anchor the hoist to the floor. It's much the same as using a pulley and anchoring the hoist to the floor except it's safer and quicker. We offer these in the following 3 capacities: 250kg at 9m HOL, 500kg at 4.5 metre HOL and 750kg at 3 metre HOL.

  • We offer air (pneumatic) hoists from three quality manufacturers; Yale Industrial, JDN Air Hoists and Red Rooster.
  • All air hoists can be supplied complete with filter, regulator and lubrication.
  • Pneumatic chain hoists (air hoists) are generally the most suitable type of hoist for use in hazardous environments, for example in offshore oil and gas industries, and the petro-chemical industry.


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