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Through JDN (JD Neuhaus) we at LiftingSafety offer in our online catalogue a very comprehensive range of pneumatic chain hoists to suit many different lifting equipment applications. We offer the following suspension / mounting options:  top hook suspended, for traversing loads on a monorail runway beam there are different trolleys to meet demands; push travel, geared travel and pneumatic travel monorail trolley. We also offer JDN high capacity and low head room compressed air hoists for special application where there is insufficient height clearance under the monorail lifting beam. Other specialist pneumatic chain hoists manufactured by JDN include Atex specification hoists and subsea Pneumatic hoists. JDN Air Hoists are very robust and suitable for tough industrial applications even in continuous working and according the customers requirement there are various control systems including pendant and cord control. Standard Features are suitable for application in hazardous areas, sensitive infinitely variable speed control for the precise positioning of loads, easy operation and suitable for lube-free operation making the hoists low maintenance, insensitive to dust, humidity and temperatures ranging from -20 °C up to +70 °C. Fail-safe starting conditions, low maintenance vane motor. Please contact our sales team if you have an air hoist enquiry and we will offer a competitive quote.


JDN Mini Pneumatic Chain Hoist, Manual Trolley Options Available

The JDN mini-series is aimed at applications where small and lightweight is important, not heavy duty, but robust for industrial use making it an ideal tool for maintenance engineers. Suitable for lube-free operation and for application in hazardous areas. Easily maintained with a wear resistant braking system and is light weight for easy handling. It is also suitable for horizontal pulling.

Available in 125kg, 250kg, 500kg and 1000kg.

Heavy Duty Pneumatic Chain Hoist.

JDN Air Hoists PROFI Series are very robust and they are suitable for tough industrial and offshore applications. For traversing loads there are different trolleys that can be supplied; standard Features include being suitable for applications in hazardous areas (ATEX, Zone 2 etc) and have sensitive, infinitely variable, speed control for the precise positioning of loads.

JDN M Series Pneumatic Chain Hoist with 2 bottom hooks for horizontal transport of loads.

JDN M Series Air Hoists come in capacities of 1t to 6t; they were originally developed for underground mining operations. Due to their multiple applications they are nowadays also deployed in most different industrial fields. They have the same features as the hoists of the PROFI series but operate with an air pressure of 4 bar only. Standard Features include being suitable for application in hazardous areas with danger of explosion (ATEC zone two etc). Especially suitable for horizontal pulling applications.

JDN Motorised Low Headroom Trolley for Pneumatic Hoists.

JDN Low Headroom Trolleys. When only low headroom is available and the standard trolleys don't meet the requirements we recommend JDN low headroom trolleys where the air hoists are horizontally mounted. When only very low headroom is available we recommend the Ultra-Low Monorail Hoists.

Available in 500kg, 1000kg, 2000kg, 3200kg and 6300kg.

Motorised Travel Mono-rail Hoist.

JDN Ultra-Low pneumatic Monorail Hoist are supplied with capacities of 4t to100t, (6 bar Air Pressure) and are the perfect solution where loads have to be lifted and transported in extremely reduced spaces / headroom. For example, the monorail hoist with a load capacity of 6t has a headroom of only 210 mm. Standard features are vast and we offer a large choice of options to built a bespoke low headroom air hoist to suit your application and environment.

JDN Motorised Mono-Rail Air Hoist.

JDN Monorail Air Hoists are supplied with air or hydraulic drive for the offshore industry and where heavy loads in reduced spaces have to be moved. Disc brakes hold the load safely in any position immediately even in case of air interruption. JDN Monorail Hoists can be deployed in parallel as, for example, in BOP handling systems or working in tandem connected by a coupling rod. 

Hook suspended, subsea pneumatic / hydraulic chain blocks.

Standard units can be used to depths of 55 metres, however these units are also available to be used down to a water depth of 70m. Highly regarded as a very versatile hook suspended tool, they can also be used for horizontal and oblique use. Other capacities are available on request.

Available as air or hydraulically powered units, with variable speed control and overload protection as standard.

JDN Motorised Travel Big Bag Handling Hoist.

JDN Big Bag Handling Air Hoists are available at carrying capacities of 1100 kg and 2200 kg with an air pressure of 6 bar and are for big bag handling applications. We offer designs with one or two load hooks. With one load hook for cross beams. The large distance between the hook and the chain box is particularly advantageous. This guarantees that there is no danger of collision between the load and the chain box. With two load hooks for more complex multi-point cross beams or simple rod cross beams with two means of suspension.

JDN Trolleys for Pneumatic Hoists.

JDN Trolleys are available for all hoists of the PROFI and M series. We can supply as manual trolleys (LN) for pushing or pulling the trolleys by hand as reel chain trolleys (LH) for moving the trolleys by unwinding the reel chain; with motorised (air powered) trolley (LM) powered by an air motor. Standard Features include being easy to install, with anti-climb and anti-drop devices, robust design with little maintenance and able to negotiate curves.

Options: Rack and pinion drive, spark-resistant package, offshore paint.

Pneumatic Chain Hoist. Manual Trolley Option Available.

JDN Mini Manipulator comes with capacities of 125kg or 250kg SWL. The JDN Mini Manipulator loads can be lifted, lowered, manually traversed with only one hand. At the same time lifting and lowering speeds can be sensitively regulated by push button control. Due to light weight the mini-manipulator is easy to handle.
Standard Features include precise positioning and variable lifting/lowering speeds by sensitive direct control.

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