Rescue, Evacuation & Rope Access Equipment

Quick Ref: CN-1217

Our LiftingSafety Fall arrest equipment rescue category is very enlightening and covers two main disciplines for people working at height. We sell rescue equipment for retrieval/rescuing a fallen person. To comply with the working at height directive the employer must provide a rescue plan and this means providing the equipment and training to enable the person fallen to be speedily rescued. Working at height also includes working below ground! A rescue plan must also be in place for persons not directly exposed to a fall when there is no practical means of egress should the person become incapacitated; for example rescue from an overhead crane even if the crane bridge is fitted with hand rails! Rescue systems can be supplied to remotely rescue a casualty without exposing the rescuer to a potential fall by using a remote extending rescue pole though it also means that there is no need to use rope access techniques to connect to the fallen worker to the rescue tackle. Emergency evacuation is when the worker needs to egress quickly, for example if emergency escape from an oil platform or working on a crane bridge and there is a fire in the working area. We offer a very good range of kits and equipment for both rescue and for self-evacuation for premium height safety manufacturers so please consider contacting us for a competitive quotation.

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