Miller Rescue and Evacuation Kits

Quick Ref: CN-1646
Miller Rescue and Evacuation Kits

Height safety rescue kit to raise or lower a casualty after a fall or if incapacitated while working at height.

The 'Back Bone' behind this kit is the Miller SafEscape emergency evacuation device / rescue device which offers unrivalled lifetime cost of ownership (Purchase + Training + servicing costs). Available with rope lengths of - 20, 30m, 40m, 50m, 60m, 70m, 80m, 90m, 100m, 110m, 120m, 130m, 140m, 150m, 160m, 170m, and 180m. Also available with a large choice of accessories - 1.5 anchorage sling, helmet, pulley wheel, edge protectors, scorpion pfl (scaffhook), body splint, rope bag, and rescue pole.

MightEvac Kit for the Non Technical Raising and Lowering of a Casualty. Complies to EN341.

The MightyEvac rescue from height kit is a cost effective way for a rescue to be performed by a person or persons where rescue is not part of their usual role. Designed to rescue of a person left suspended after a fall from height, without the need for extensive training and not requiring technical rope access skills. Available with different length ropes - 15m, 30m and 40m MightyEvac rope. Also available with optional extras - 1.5m anchorage slings, helmets, pulley wheels, edge protectors, scorpion PFLs, body splints, rope bags, and rescue poles.

Casualty Pulley System, Very compact and light weight. This is the Miller rope based rescue pulley giving mechanical advantage to lift a fallen casualty a small distance (2 metre max haulage) most often used to raise a casualty only a few centimetres, enough to release them from their fall arrest lanyard after connection to a rescue system.
Miller Troll Remote Rescue Kit.

The high access rescue kit is EN341 compliant and is suitable for heights up to 200 metres. Designed to rescue a casualty left suspended after a fall from height, by a person or persons where rescue is not part of their usual working role, though it is also perfectly suited to a professional rescue team. Available in rope lengths of - 25m, 50m, 66m, 100m and 200m. Also there are optional extras such as: Casualty pulley system, rescue pole, helmet, pulley wheel, tag line, scorpion pfl and edge protectors.

INDY or ProAllp Descender Evacuation Kit for One or Two Persons up to 200m. Complies to EN341 or EN12841/C. This ready to use rescue kit is suitable for evacuation from height using a manual descender. It contains either an INDY Manual Descender for one person or ProAlp Manual Descender for 2 people, with up to 200m rope height, an Anchorage sling and a rope bag supplied as standard.
Kits Reducing inspection and maintenance costs Providing 10 Year between inspections. Fully sealed and extremely durable Humidity-Resistant Storage Case(s) provides 10 year storage life for Miller SafEscape ELITE Wind Turbine Kit(s),  thus significantly reducing inspection and maintenance costs.  External humidity indicator provides easy inspection of seal without opening the case(s). The Miller SafEscape Elite rescue and evacuation kit is designed specifically for offshore application on wind turbines and oil rigs to protect the contents of the kit from environmental factors ensuring that the emergency lifesaving equipment is in 'As New' condition in the unfortunate event that it needs to be deployed!

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