Hand Chain Hoists (Chain Blocks / Block & Tackle)

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Discounts available across our complete product range, including all of our hand chain blocks and hoists, all of which are from quality manufacturers.

Hand operated manual chain hoists (also commonly known as a chain block or block and tackle) are a piece of portable lifting equipment available in versatile configurations; they are very adaptable to the many alterative working scenarios and working environments including permanent and temporary installations. We offer hand chain hoists from many of the worlds top quality manufacturers including Ingersoll Rand, Tiger Lifting, Pfaff, Kito (Japan) Tractel, Hadef and William Hackett’s. We are constantly adding new manufacturers to our catalogue meaning that even more features and options on hand chain hoists will be available to buy on-line. Hand chain block can be supplied with top hook suspension or with an integrated trolley, push and geared, chain drive trolleys and push travel hoists are for use on a monorail lifting beam. We also offer in this category Atex hand chain hoists for use in potentially explosive areas that have anti-sparking features to prevent an explosion. ROV Subsea hand chain hoists are for operation by a remote operated vehicle under water that are totally unique in design and are available to LiftingSafety through Tiger Lifting UK. We offer hand chain hoists with lifting capacities from 250kg up to 100 tonne SWL.  


Hand/Manual Chain Hoists. Top Hook Suspended : 250kg to 100t

Chain Blocks are manually operated and otherwise known as a block and tackle or simply a chain block. Our Hook suspended hand chain hoists are a portable item of lifting equipment and can be supplied in capacities up to 100 tonne SWL. We blocks manufactured by leading top quality lifting equipment manufacturers including Yale Industrial Products, Tiger, Pfaff, Tractel, Ingersoll Rand, Hackett's and many more. Please feel free to contact our sales team if you need any assistance in choosing the best chain hoist to suit your lifting application.

Hand/Manual Chain Hoists. Top Hook Suspended : 250kg to 100t

Monorail Trolley Hand Chain Hoists (Trolley Mounted Hoist) 250kg to 100 tonne

Manual monorail hand chain hoists are lifting hoists that are attached to a beam trolleys. The beam trolley can be supplied either manual push travel or geared travel (chain travel). Having an integral trolley means that the lifting hoist and load can be manoeuvred along a lifting beam; low head room versions allow the hook to raise further, closer to the underside of the lifting beam. All our monorail chain blocks are from world respected lifting equipment manufacturers and can be supplied in heights of lift and capacities to suit your application. LiftingSafety offer a massive range of monorail trolleys, with our range expanding, so that our customers have the best chance of finding the monorail hoist with the specific features that they may need for their application or environment. 

Monorail Trolley Hand Chain Hoists (Trolley Mounted Hoist) 250kg to 100 tonne

Corrosion Resistant Hand Chain Hoists: 500kg to 20,000kg

Our corrosion resistant hand chain hoists are designed to be used in corrosive environments to avoid rust contamination. They are most commonly used in the food and beverages industry, for offshore use and in the chemical and petrochemical industry. In fact they are used anywhere where resulting corrosion will cause contamination or premature failure/breakdown. We offer from leading manufacturers as hook suspension or on a monorail trolley all are manually operated and some are supplied with stainless steel hand and load chains. In the near future we will be offering Stainless steel hand chain hoists and monorail hoist completely made from stainless steel. 

Corrosion Resistant Hand Chain Hoists: 500kg to 20,000kg

ATEX Hand Chain Hoists (Explosion Proof & Spark Resistant) Range to 20 Tonne SWL

ATEX hand chain blocks are designed to be used in potentially explosive areas and are often referred to as spark proof or anti-sparking or explosion proof hand chain hoists. Please ensure that the hoist is suitable for your Atex area classification. We offer top quality Yale YaleLift 360 chain hoists either as top hook suspended or complete with a push travel trolley or an integrated low headroom chain driven trolley for use on a monorail lifting beam. Our YaleLift hand operated Atex hoists are often used offshore by the oil and gas industry though are also used in many other industries such as the chemical or pharmaceutical industry. If you are unsure please feel free to contact our sales or technical team for information order advice; we will be pleased to offer you a competitive quotation.

ATEX Hand Chain Hoists (Explosion Proof & Spark Resistant) Range to 20 Tonne SWL

General information

We supply manual chain blocks (hand operated hoists) in capacities and configurations to suit most lifting applications and to our customers specification.

All of the above hand chain hoists supplied from by LiftingSafety are from quality manufacturers. We only sell quality blocks/hoists as our lifting equipment supplier reputation is important to us, we do not intend to risk good reputation by selling cheap quality Far East poor quality lifting equipment. With the range offered there are many configurations and options to suit most lifting and hoisting operations, we have made a conscious decision not to sell cheap Far East copies from unknown and unproven manufacturers. Many specialist features such as stainless steel and spark resistance are available; contact us if you need any assistance.

There are three main types of hand chain hoist availablewhich are:

  1. Hook suspended which is a hoist with hooks top and bottom.
  2. The hoist unit fitted with a push travel trolley (manual trolley), which enables manual movement up and down a beam.
  3. A hoist with a geared trolley integrated in to the hoisting unit, which via the pulling of a chain drive the trolley can glide up and down a beam with the utmost ease.

We also offer a range of completely stainless steel hand chain blocks which are not presently advertised online though we will be adding them to our web site shortly.

Looking for an alternative to a manual/pull chain hoist?

At liftingsafety we believe in offering the right tool for the job, with this in mind we would like to also inform you that we also have a wide range of alternative power/drive options, the main options to choose from are electric hoists (electric chain hoists), pneumatic hoists (Air hoists) and lever chain hoists - (Pullifts), any of which could prove to be a more suitable or efficient hoisting solution for the task at hand. Alternatively you may wish to view our complete range of chain hoists, this may aid you in making a more informed decision as to which direction you would like to proceed, although if you are unsure or if we can aid you in any way, then please get in touch.

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