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Yale ITP CR/SS Anti Corrosion Push Travel Hand Chain Hoist - Range from 500kg to 4000kg

Model:  YaleLift ITP CR/SS / UACH-2755

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Yale ITP CR/SS Anti Corrosion Push Travel Hand Chain Hoist
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Corrosion resistant hand chain hoist with stainless steel chains and integrated push trolley.

Yale ITP Corrosion Resistant Hoist

These hoists are all from the YaleLift 360 Models. The hoists/trolleys are fully corrosion resistant including the bottom hooks and are all fitted with stainless steel load and hand chain. Delivery times can vary. Please confirm at time of order.


Capacity Falls of Chain Load Chain (m) Closed Height (mm) Beam Width (mm) Weight @ 3m HOL (kg)
500kg 1 3 300 50 - 180 20
900kg 1 3 335 50 - 180 27
1250kg 1 3 395 58 - 180 44
Discontinued-2000kg 1 3 520 74 - 180 77
Discontinued-4000kg 2 3 654 98 - 180 125

LiftingSafety Review:
If corrosion resistance is important then this hand chain hoist from Yale with built in push travel trolley may be for you. Probably the best alternative to completely stainless steel hand chain hoists at a fraction of the price. also come with a geared travel trolley in capacities up to 4000kg. Contact us for best price and availability.

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