General Rigging Lifting Equipment Accessories

Quick Ref: CN-1172
The SELS range of rigging accessories, many of which are new or unique items which all aid in rigging.

Most items of lifting equipment in our catalogue have many optional products from other lifting equipment manufacturers and therefore fill a category dedicated to that range of products. Here we have items that are unique to our web site where no competitive items exist. As other products arrive online items will move from this category into their own dedicated list of product.


Automatic load positioner for single wire rope

When lifting, the rope sling locks itself around the ring thanks to a round turn and the polyurethane coated pads will engage and grip the inner wall.


Calibrated Test Weights, 20kg Hand Weights or 250kg, 500kg & 1000kg Slab Weights

17mm Quick Link. 500kg Working Load Limit

Quick links enable a semi-permanent connector between different parts of a Fall Arrest System, such as between a harness and a lanyard, or a work positioning belt and lanyard. Made from zinc plated steel with a breaking strength of >32.5kN and an opening of 16mm.

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