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Tractel TOPAL "TC" Automatic Load Positioner for Rope Sling - Range from 2000kg to 5000kg

Model:  TOPAL TC / TTT-3318

Part N° Capacity @ 45 Deg. Cable Ø (mm) Guide Price Quantity
3318-T20865 2000kg 11mm £  184.44
3318-T20866 3000kg 13mm £  198.22
3318-T20867 5000kg 18mm £  340.26
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Automatic load positioner for rope sling.

Tractel TOPAL TC Rope Positioners

Slide the beam slantwise in the cone-shaped manhole, then fix horizontally. As the lift is applied, the polyurethane coated pads will engage and grip the inner wall diameter reduction, holding at about 700 mm. So as to free the beam, release the tension on the sling and take the beam out of the manhole, gripping it by its ends.

When lifting, the rope sling locks itself around the ring thanks to a round turn. Should the load be unbalanced too much (more than 70 % effort on 1 leg and less than 30 % on the other), put down the load again and slacken the sling so as to free the tension around the ring. Resume the operation until the desired position be obtained. Then the handling of the load can be performed.

Instructions For Use

  1. Thread the rope into the load positioner.
  2. In the free position, with the sling slackened: the rope turns around the ring (4) of the load positioner enabling the positioner to be moved in order to be placed in position above the presumed centre of gravity of the part to be lifted.
  3. Hang the load positioner + sling to the lifting appliance.
  4. Fasten the legs of the sling to the part to be lifted.
  5. Look for the centre of gravity: move the load positioner to set it in the position above the presumed centre of gravity above the part to be lifted.
  6. Perform the lifting operation whereby the rope sling locks around the ring of the load positioner by means of a full turn of the sling.
  7. If there is too much unbalance, put the part back down and slacken the sling to free the tension around the ring of the load positioner.
  8. Resume from operation n° 5 until the position above the centre of gravity of the part is determined.
  9. Once this position has been found, the part can be moved.


Part No: Capacity (kg) Rope Ø (mm)
TC2 2000kg 11mm
TC3 3000kg 13mm
TC5 5000kg 18mm
  • Make sure the relations between the WLL and the angle between the legs of the slings are adhered to (see table below)
Reference Wire rope in mm 0° to 45° 45° to 90° 90° - 120°
TC2-11 11 2000 1400 1000
TC3-13,2 13.2 3000 2100 1500
TC5-18 18 5000 3500 2500
  • One les of the sling should not baar more tahn 70% of the load.
  • The fastening points of the legs of the slings on the load must neaver be situated inderneath the load positioner.
  • Use a rope diameter equal to or greater taht the one specified in the above table
  • For any load positioning requiring more tahn 2 fastening points, use several load positioners
  • Please consult us for any use in a specific aggressive atmospher
TC 0601.pdf

Operating and Safety Instructions.

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