Lifting Shackles - 'D' Shackles & Bow / Omega Shackles

Quick Ref: CN-1206
Discounts available on the complete range of bow shackles (Omega) and D shackles, from quality manufacturers including the likes of Crosby (Red-pin), Gunnebo (Brown-pin) and Van Beest (Green-pin).

LiftingSafety’s lifting shackle category offers a very comprehensive online rage. Lifting Shackles are connection link, used to make a connection between the load lifting device (hoist hook / sling) and the load to be lifted. There are two main shapes / styles of lifting shackle and they are “D” Shackles (or Dee Shackle) and bow shackles otherwise known as Omega shackles. The shackles we offer are galvanized, self colour (forged black steel) and made from stainless steel. As a general rule the galvanised steel lifting shackles tend to be US Federation specification alloy steel lifting shackles and the Black Forged steel lifting shackles tend to be High Tensile to BS3032. (This is usually the case though not always as both types can be self colour or galvanised). Dimensionally the US Fed spec anchor shackles are physically far small than the black self colour high tensile shackles while still maintaining the same safe working load. The load pin on a lifting shackle is fastened to the shackle body in different ways; there is screw pin where the pin screws into the body of the shackle like a bolt and safety pin shackles where the pin passes through the body of the shackle then is captivated by either a split pin or nut c/w split pin. We also offer a great range of stainless steel lifting shackles, ROV shackles, hydraulic remote release shackles and wide body shackles. 

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