Vehicle Mounted Winches for Recovery and Lifting

Quick Ref: CN-465
A high quality range of vehicle mounted winches and accessories with various capacities, unique features and power options.

Our vehicle mounted electric winches and hoists are usually permanently fitted to the vehicle though some in this category are either temporally installed or used for other possibly industrial application where only a 12v / 24v power supply is available. By far the majority of the category contacts are recovery winches for pulling applications only and not to be used for lifting applications. It is potentially dangerous to use a pulling winch for lifting application because the features on a pulling DC winch make it unsuitable. Also pulling and recovery DC winches only have a 3:1 safety factor when lifting Hoists actually need a 5:1 FOS. DC recovery winches operate on 12 volt or 24v and therefore the duty cycle is very poor (the amount of time the motor can run before it overheats) A recovery winch is not suited to long pulling applications and this is why they are fitted with a free spooling facility (disengaging drive gears). If a greater duty cycle is required then please consider a pneumatic or hydraulic recovery winch. We only sell good quality battery recovery winches and do not aim to compete with cheap Far East imports

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