Wire Line Fall Arrest Blocks

Quick Ref: CN-1617
Fall arrest blocks mainly from Tractel to manually or Automatically arrest a fall in the event of a primary hoist failure


Wire line fall arrest blocks are often integrated into bespoke man-riding systems to provide fall protection in the event of a failure to the primary lifting machine / winch. They are often used on man access baskets, tripod and gantry man-riding projects. We offer manually operated fall arrest blocks that need depression of a lever to allow the block to travel on the wire; effectively a dead man handle! We also offer fully automatic fall arrest systems that have an overspeed mechanism that detect the fall and arrests it automatically. All these products are made by Tractel and are complicated / technical products, we look forward to offering our assistance. 


Wire Line Fall Arrest Blocks

For manriding applications a secondary braking device is mandatory, called BLOCSTOP.

The BLOCSTOP is a fall-arrest secondary safety device which, when fitted to an appropriate TIRFOR / TIRAK wire rope, can be used in conjunction with almost any lifting equipment. Available with different capacities: 800kg, 1000kg, 1600kg, and 3200kg. While lifting a load or tensioning a wire rope the rope passes through the BLOCSTOP. There is no need to operate the BLOCSTOP. For lowering the load or releasing the wire rope the BLOCSTOP is opened by lifting the operating lever upwards.

The "OVERSPEED" BLOCSTOP, type BSO is a safety device, used as fall arrest device for man-riding operations.

When man-riding is concerned, no safety measure can be considered excessive; that is why the usage of the BLOCSTOP is required with the GRIPHOIST/TIRFOR. The safety device consists of a brake mechanism formed by a pair of self-clamping jaws pressed against each other by a powerful spring and enclosed casing. BLOCSTOPS are UL classified as independent secondary brakes. Responding to the strictest safety regulations they can easily be attached to most fittings. The Tirfor jaw type unit feting the Blocstop closes on the suspension wire rope and as it grips over a large area causes no damage to the cable.

The Tractel BLOCSTOP is designed specifically for suspended platforms to automatically arrest a fall though has many other possible applications.

As well as being sound safety management, regulations require you to ensure your equipment for lining personnel or loads is safe. BLOCSTOP safety systems meet the most exacting safety requirements and can be easily adapted to numerous types of applications. Available with different capacities 800kg, 1000kg, 1200kg and 2400kg.

30m/min Limit The overspeed catching device is automatically tripped when the lowering speed of the cable exceeds 30m/min (0.5m/s).

The integrated clamping jaw mechanism made of hardened steel stops the lowering of the wire rope within a few centimetres.
5degrees catching limit. The inclined position catching device is automatically tripped when the angle of the rope or the platform exceeds 5°.

The integrated clamping jaw mechanism holds the rope and immediately stops the movement of the system.

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