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Tractel "Blocstop BSA" Fall Arrest Device. Automatically Stops a falling Load. range from 800kg to 2400kg

Model:  TBFA-3287

Bsa 15 301
Bsa 20 303
Bsa 20 330
Bsa 35 305

Tractel Blocstop BSA

800kg Capacity, 8mm Rope


Tractel Blocstop BSA

1000kg Capacity, 9.5mm Rope


Tractel Blocstop BSA

1200kg Capacity, 11.5mm Rope


Tractel Blocstop BSA

2400kg Capacity, 16.3mm Rope

Part N° Fall arrest device Capacity (Kg) For Rope Dia. Dead weight approx. Guide Price Quantity
3287-T23608 BSA 15.301 600 8.3mm 4.6 £  349.80
3287-T23609 BSA 20.303 800 9.5mm 6.0 £  477.00
3287-T23610 BSA 20.304 1000 10.2mm 6.3 £  473.82
3287-T23611 BSA 20.301 1200 11.5mm 5.2 £  496.08
3287-T23612 BSA 35.30 2000 14.0mm 10 £  700.66
3287-T23613 BSA 35.30 2400 16.3mm 11.6 £  589.36
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The Tractel BLOCSTOP is designed specifically for suspended platforms to automatically arrest a fall though has many other possible applications.

As well as being sound safety management, regulations require you to ensure your equipment for lining personnel or loads is safe.

BLOCSTOP safety systems meet the most exacting safety requirements and can be easily adapted to numerous types of man-riding tirfor or Tirak applications.

Blockstop BSA  Technical

Decisive Advantages

  • The TIRFOR type jaw unit fitted in the BLOCSTOP closes on the suspension or secondary wire rope. It grips over a large contact area, causing no damage to the wire rope.
  • Automatic operation of the clamping mechanism.
  • The Blocstop BSA operates automatically when there is slack wire rope , caused either by breaking of the wire rope or there being no load.
  • It provides anti-sloping protection, limiting the incline of the platform to a maximum of 14°.

This type of BLOCSTOP is an automatic slack wire rope safety device which can only be used on a secondary safety wire rope positioned parallel to the suspension wire rope.

When the hoist and BLOCSTOP BSA are mounted on a stirrup which is rigidly connected to the platform, as is generally the case in Europe, the BLOCSTOP BSA not only protects against failure of the hoist and the main wire rope but also against excessive slope of the platform. To ensure operation of this BLOCSTOP BSA, the distance between the upper suspension points has to be 100 mm.

Blockstop BSA Applications


Blockstop BSA Dimensions


Fall arrest device Capacity For rope Ø Weight
BLOCSTOP® Model kg mm kg
BSA 15-301 600 8.3 4.6
BSA 20-303 800 9.5 6
BSA 20-304 1000 10.2 6.3
BSA 20-301 1200 11.5 5.2
BSA 35-30 2000 14.0 10.0
BSA 35.30 2400 16.3 11.6


Auto Blocstop operating instructions -.pdf

Automatic Blocstop BSA operating manual

Complete operating manual which includes full technical specifications and safety advice for the end user.
(approx. 0.4Mb)
BS & BSA BLOCSTOPS manual (2010).pdf

2010 Revision

Updated information and operating instructions.
(approx. 1.0Mb)

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