Specialist Lifting Equipment

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For most of the products in this category that we refer to as specialist application lifting equipment we probably also offer a similar or identical item in another category except is will be made from a different material or made to a different specification from normal industrial working environments. For example the Atex category contains many items that have generally been modified to work safety in potentially explosive areas, items like chain hoists and rather lever hoists which are also offered without the anti-sparking (spark proof) modifications. Other categories include the ROV and Subsea lifting equipment and stainless steel lifting equipment most of which is also available made from other materials or without modifications for our industrial customer. Please feel free to contact our sales team if you need any assistance.

LiftingSafety offer an extensive category of Atex lifting equipment to the lifting equipment industry and end users alike including manually operated Atex rated equipment, electric Atex lifting equipment and pneumatic & Hydraulic Lifting equipment. The lifting equipment industry has many terms that refer to lifting gear used in potentially explosive atmospheres and these include; EX Products, explosion proof (explosion proof) spark proof (spark-proof) anti sparking, spark resistant and anti-static to name but a few. The specific anti sparking features and variations on explosion proof equipment including hoists are wide and varied and are depend on the type on environment they will be working in, for example explosive gases and explosive dust. LiftingSafety bring to the market a range of explosion and spark proof lifting equipment including many hoists, with a close understanding of our customer’s requirements, for use in many different industry sectors including the offshore oil and gas industry, food industry, chemicals plants, petrol and petrochemical, gas industries, and any environment where safety against ignition in production or maintenance is evident.

Atex Lifting Equipment & Atex Fall Arrest Equipment

We at LiftingSafety have compiled all the items that we sell which are made from stainless steel in to this category; new stainless steel items will be added in the near future and on a regular basis from that point on. Stainless steel lifting equipment here includes shackles, eye bolts, stainless lifting slings, pallet trucks, wire rope winches, rigging accessories, stainless steel fork truck attachments. Lifting beams and fall arrest equipment. We can manufacture most items of lifting equipment from stainless steel so please contact us if you do not see what you are looking for. We will be pleased to offer a bespoke quotation to your specification.

Stainless Steel Lifting Equipment

LiftingSafety offer many different products in our ROV and subsea lifting equipment online catalogue and are continually looking for new products that will be suitable for subsea underwater use and operation by a remote operated vehicle. The ROV is basically a submarine that is remote controlled and all the lifting equipment is bright coloured or fluorescent to assist the operator in correctly identifying the component parts in poor or artificial light underwater. For the purpose of operating lifting equipment the remote operated vehicle is fitted with a hydraulic controlled arm that can directly drive a hydraulic motor, it can rotate to operate a fishtail connection or operate lifting gear fitted with a torque bucket so that it can operate the piece of lifting equipment. In this category LiftingSafety offer a range of ROV shackles and hook assemblies from Hackett’s and Crosby, A LiftingSafety range of sub sea wire rope pulling and tensioning machines to 12 tonne capacity and also Subsea ROV chain hoists and subsea ratchet lever hoists for lifting, holding and tensioning loads.

Subsea & ROV Rigging / Lifting Equipment

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